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Friday Picks

Oh Friday... there you are. It's been a long week and I've been feeling tired for the better part of it.  Tonight I can guarantee you'll find me in my bed surrounded by blankets, hot chocolate, and Netflix, because what better way to spend a Friday night when you're feeling extra tired and in the mood for something cozy?! If only it was cold outside...

Also, I've said this in a couple posts already, but I  might be starting a weekly linkup soon. If you'd be interested in participating and/or spreading the word or want to know more about it, comment or shoot me an email at livethepreplife@gmail.com.

My birthday haul is (finally) up!

Cathleen shares her top movie picks... there are a lot that I haven't seen so I can't wait to catch up!

I love it when Maxie guest posts for Carly, and this one doesn't disappoint


Hope you have a great weekend (hey, maybe it will cool off! Or not, you know, I live in Texas so I should be used to the heat by now.) and I'll see you next Tuesday!

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