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Friday Picks

Even though I'm writing this right now, I really should be working on the exam reviews that are piling up in my bedroom (but I might not get to those until Sunday night... such a procrastinator whoops.) This week has been filled with exam reviews, study guides and finishing up school projects - but it's also been filled with the Christmas spirit too! As horrible as finals are, the fact that they're surrounded by Christmas makes them almost bearable. (well, not quite, but if you say it enough it might come true!) If you had finals this week, I hope you did well and survived, and if you're taking them next week, good luck, and look out for some study tips on Monday!

2// Frannie and Caroline have the perfect holiday traditions

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great weekend filled with a minimal amount of studying! As you go through finals next week, keep in mind that Christmas is right around the corner, and good luck!

When are your finals?

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