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101 Things in 1001 Days

1001 days. 2.75 years. 143 weeks. 24,024 hours. 1441440 minutes. 101 things to do. Are you up for the challenge?

101 in 1001 | Live The Prep Life
When I first saw this challenge on Design Darling, I knew I had to do it. I love setting goals for myself and trying new things, so I am so excited to be starting this challenge! If you don't know what it is, basically, you create a list of 101 goals you want to accomplish or things you want to do, and you try to complete your list within 1001 days. I don't know if I will complete all of these, but I certainly will try and I want to finish as many of these as possible. 

I think this is a great alternative to making New Year's Resolutions. Although I am setting goals strictly for 2016, I also want to have a list of goals to keep over the next couple of years, so that I constantly have a long-term target to shoot for. Not only does writing these goals down (or typing them) help me remember them, but they make the objectives more real and by sharing it with you I hope that I will stay motivated to complete these goals!

Start Date: January 1st, 2016
End Date: September 28, 2018

Travel & Adventure (9/25)
1. Visit 5 new states (5/5, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Illinois, Hawaii)
2. Attend a concert
3. Go on a cruise
4. Swim with dolphins
5. Go on 3 road trips (3/3; Waco, San Antonio, Austin)
6. Visit New York
7. Visit Santa Fe
8. Visit Georgia
9. Visit South Carolina
10. Step foot on the four corners
11. Visit a national park (Haleakala, completed 07.11.18)
12. Go back to Waco and go to Magnolia Market again (completed 08.10.16)
13. Ride in a hot air balloon
14. Go back to Disney World
15. Go indoor skydiving (completed 02.05.17)
16. See a USWNT game in person
17. Go hiking (completed 08.11.16)
18. Go out of the country
19. Play Frisbee golf (completed 04.03.16)
20. Go camping
21. Visit 3 different beaches (2/3; Singer Island, Ohio Street Beach, Galveston Beach)
22. Go ziplining (completed 07.10.18)
23. Go to a UT football game
24. Attend a celebrity meet and greet
25. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Exercise & Food (10/13)
26. Run a 5k (completed 11.5.16)
27. Try 30 new foods (30/30, quail, seaweed, pesto, beets, calamari, Serrano peppers, plantains, coconut milk, jicama, paella, deep dish pizza, aioli, persimmons, acai, goji berries, cabbage, coleslaw, anchovies, mahi, ahi tuna, hebi, mahi mahi, monchong, kona, opakapaka, ono, papio, papaya, black rice, poached eggs, kamut)
28. Get my mile time under 8 minutes and then... (completed 03.07.16)
29. ...Get it under 7 minutes (completed 09.12.17)
30. Be able to do the splits
31. Take a cooking class
32. Become vegetarian for a week (completed 2.24.16)
33. Create a recipe
34. Do 50 juggles with a soccer ball (completed 07.30.17)
35. Hold a plank for 3 minutes (completed 07.22.17)
36. Take a spin class (completed 05.13.17)
37. Participate in a color run (completed 11.11.17)
38. Cook ten recipes by myself (10/10; brownie breakfast bars, Mexican rice casserole, garbanzo bean salad, red velvet donuts, banana breakfast bake, peanut butter overnight oats, cookie butter bars, brownie overnight oats, granola bars, peanut butter bread)

Blog (14/20)
39. Reach 100,000 pageviews (completed date unknown)
40. Invest in a DSLR camera (completed 12.25.16)
41. Meet a blogger friend in real life
42. Take a photography class
43. Reach 5k Instagram followers
44. Reach 5k Pinterest followers
45. Have my custom domain name (completed 01.22.17)
46. Learn HTML
47. Create (or buy!) a new blog layout (completed 04.20.16)
48. Go to a sponsored event (Lauren James grand opening, completed September 2016)
49. Work with 3 major brands (date completed unknown; Jadelynn Brooke, KJP, & Lauren James)
50. Host 3 giveaways (3/3; completed 04.03.16)
51. Write three sponsored posts (3/3; not sure when completed)
52. Do 25 outfit posts (25/25; completed 08.29.17)
53. Rebrand (completed 6.30.18)
54. Become a rep for 2 companies
55. Start a Youtube channel (completed 02.18.17)
56. Switch to Wordpress
57. Reach 300 blog posts (300/300; completed May 2018)
58. Meet a reader in real life (completed September 2016; exact date unknown)

Faith (4/6)
59. Memorize 50 Bible verses (6/50)
60. Go on a mission trip
61. Teach Sunday School 20 times
62. Set aside time to read the Bible every day
63. Start Bible journaling (completed 09.12.17)
64. Join YoungLife (completed 09.11.17)

Beauty / Fashion (9/13)
65. Invest in a good quality purse/bag (completed 12.27.17)
66. Invest in good quality riding boots (completed 9.9.16)
67. Buy a new pair of running shoes (completed 7.16.16)
68. Own 5 statement necklaces (5/5; completed 09.10.17)
69. Learn 3 new hairstyles that I'll actually wear
70. Buy a pair of Jack Rogers (completed 03.18.16)
71. Grow my hair out (completed summer 2018)
72. Be able to french braid well
73. Own four more Lilly Pulitzer pieces (4/4; completed summer 2016)
74. Learn to curl my hair well
75. Get my ears pierced (completed 1.19.16)
76. Own a Patagonia pullover (completed 9.9.16)
77. Try five new makeup brands (3/5; Benefit, Clinique, Maybelline)

Learn / Create (5/9)
78. Learn how to play guitar
79. Create a gallery wall (completed 03.24.16)
80. Learn how to hand letter (completed 03.16, exact date unknown)
81. Learn Spanish (began 8.22.16)
82. Complete 10 successful Pinterest DIYs (1/10)
83. Learn to write with my left hand
84. Finish decorating my room (completed 05.24.16)
85. Start a garden (completed 04.15.16)
86. Complete 10 paintings (2/10)

Just For Fun (9/15)
87. Save x amount of money in my savings account (keeping amount hidden; completed 7.31.18)
88. Go barefoot for a day
89. Experience a white Christmas
90. Find a new TV show to watch (completed 3.25.16, Gossip Girl)
91. Become a referee for my local soccer association (completed 7.29.16)
92. Watch 10 movies I haven't seen (completed 04.14.17; The Fault In Out Stars, The Jungle Book, The Princess Bride, Finding Dory, The Secret Life of Pets, Legally Blonde, A Walk To Remember, Miracle on 34th Street, Rogue One, Beauty & The Beast)
93. Collect three coffee table books (1/3; Grace Over Perfection)
94. Write a letter to my future self (done 08.19.17)
95. Tie a note to a balloon and let it go
96. Send 50 cards via snail mail (50/50; completed 09.19.17)
97. Win a giveaway (completed 1.03.16)
98. Go unplugged for 24 hours
99. Send a note in a bottle
100. Put $5 in savings for every goal accomplished
101. Inspire someone else to make their own list (completed 1.2.16)

Completed: 60/101

If you enjoyed reading this, then I encourage you to create your own list, too! If you decide to participate, make sure to link this post and the one on Design Darling and tag us on social media! I hope you have a great start to 2016 and wish you good luck on all of your New Year's Resolutions!

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