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Friday Picks

Long time, no Friday Picks! I felt bad about not doing them for two weeks in a row, because I know they're my most popular posts and y'all seem to really like them, but I had other things planned. On Christmas, I was off social media for the most part because I was spending my time with my family, and last week I did another post that I really wanted to do. Regardless, I'm glad you stuck around for the past two weeks, and I just wanted to say that I'm so excited for y'all to see everything that I have in store for 2016. Here's to another great year!
One more thing - you may have noticed the new social media buttons as well as the share buttons on the right. They're the same color as the graphic in my last post, and I've decided I want that to be one of my main colors as I want to keep my blog theme consistent. I know this is turquoise, and I will be creating a new Friday Picks design soon, but first I want to make sure I like the color before I decide to wrap my entire blog around it. I want to get a new design first, so I guess you could call this paragraph a giant heads up: Live The Prep Life is getting a makeover soon! With that being said, here are some links I've been loving!

Thanks for reading, and I hope your week back from break wasn't too rough!

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