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Friday Picks

Happy Friday... or Wednesday? This week was such a good week, because it was so short - but it also threw me off like crazy. We had off from school on Monday, because of Martin Luther King Day, but I also skipped most of school on Tuesday for a doctor's appointment. I honestly had no idea that the week was already over, until I looked at my calendar yesterday and realized - "it's Thursday night and I have no post written for tomorrow." Blogger goals, I know. That's also why this post is going up kind of late. Like I said, it's been a short week, and also a busy one, so I don't have a ton of links to share like I did last week, but I hope you enjoy reading the ones below!
Friday Picks | Live The Prep Life

1 // Katie's semester reflections are spot on and something every girl should hear.

3 // It feels like it's snowing everywhere (except Texas, of course) so of course cozy sweaters are appropriate for this weekend.

8 // This past Tuesday, Roxana wrote a guest post for me. Have you seen it yet?

10 // Ever since winter break, I've had the hardest time getting out of bed in the morning, so I was really glad when Cristina wrote this post.

Have a great weekend! If it's snowing where you are, stay safe and warm! (Oh, and snap me a picture at livethepreplife. I'm totally jealous!)

What links have you been loving lately?

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