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Where To Put Preppy Stickers

Hi, I'm Brooke, and I have an obsession with preppy stickers, if you couldn't already tell. I've only done two blog posts about them (see here and here) and post tons of pictures of them on Instagram. Naturally, when one of the responses on my reader survey asked if I could do a post on what to do with preppy stickers, I got really excited. I realized that there aren't any posts out there on what to do with preppy stickers, but mainly just posts on how to get them. Sure, you see pictures on Pinterest of water bottles and laptops covered in stickers, but you shouldn't be limited to those ideas. So if you've come in need of places to put your stickers, look no further. You're in the right place.

Where To Put Preppy Stickers | Live The Prep Life

Create a sticker board. This is something I did recently, and I love how it turned out! I took an old bulletin board I had, and filled it with a few of my favorite stickers. It's so cute and the perfect addition to my room. A lot of people completely cover their board with stickers, but I left mine kind of simple. Over time, though, I will probably add more - I've actually added a few since I took this picture.

Southern Girl Prep, Laptop Sticker | Live The Prep Life

Put them on your laptop. Like I've said earlier, you probably see pictures of these floating around on Pinterest all the time. Most people put them on the outside cover of their laptop, or their laptop case, but I kept my laptop pretty simple and just placed a sticker on both sides of the trackpad. On the other side, I just have a Vineyard Vines sticker.

Snail Mail | Live The Prep Life
Give them away. Okay, hear me out on this one. Stickers are the perfect inexpensive product for a giveaway, and people always love to get stickers. I've hosted a few sticker giveaways myself! They also make a really cute addition to any snail mail that you send. Plus, if you want another one of the stickers you just gave away, you can always request them again for free!

Preppy Notebooks | Live The Prep Life
Put them on your notebooks. Back in August, I decorated two notebooks for Back to School. For the one on the left, I covered it in stickers, and the DIY for the one on the right can be found here. Decorating your notebooks adds a bit of color and fun to your schoolwork, and using stickers are some of the easiest ways to decorate notebooks, binders, or agendas.

Mason Jars | Live The Prep Life

Cover Mason jars. I had some boring mason jars sitting on my desk, so I covered them with some stickers to make them cuter. The bigger stickers were kind of bumpy when I put them on, and I'm not completely in love with how they turned out, but it's better than the way they were before. If you try this idea, I recommend smaller stickers like I did with the one on the right. This idea isn't just for mason jars - it's for pretty much any boring storage bins or buckets you have laying around. Sky's the limit!
A few ideas I've seen floating around but haven't tried:
  • Put them on your water bottle
  • Put them on your car
  • Put them on a clipboard (like this one here)
Of course, if you have stickers left over after this, you can always just hoard them! It's actually more fun than you think. I have a box that I keep in my desk, and after all this, I probably still have 100 stickers sitting in there.

If you try any of these, be sure to post a picture on Instagram, tag me, and use the hashtag #livethepreplife for a chance to be featured. I'd love to see your recreations!

Where do you like to put your preppy stickers?

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