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Why I Took A Week Off From Blogging

If you keep up with my blog on a regular basis, you might have notied that I didn't post anything a couple weeks ago. Typically, I publish a post every Tuesday, as well as the links I've been loving every Friday, but during the first week of February, I didn't post anything. I kept up with my other social media channels, but I didn't post any new blog posts. I know that for some bloggers, it can be very stressful to write posts as they try to write up to five good quality posts per week and keep up with a consistent schedule, but there's no need to be stressed. You shouldn't have to stress out just because you don't have a post up. If you have a busy week, or have a lot going on, it's okay to take a break - and here's why.

Why I Took A Week Off From Blogging | Blogging Break | Live The Prep Life

I always try to write good quality posts, with good quality images. That takes time. It also takes time to share those posts on social media - after it all adds up, I'd say I spend about two to three hours on a post. If I have a busy week, and don't have three hours to set aside specifically for a post, then it just doesn't get done. I'm not going to scramble to put together a mediocre post in 30 minutes. You've probably heard it a million times - quality over quantity. You're probably sick of hearing it, but it's true. I'm not going to sacrifice the quality of a post just so I can post something.

Every post could be the first post a potential reader stumbles across. Every post has the power to turn a reader off or have a reader click on another post. That potential reader doesn't know that you had a busy week, or that your posts are typically better than this; all that reader sees when they click on your post is that it's not a very good post. I refuse to let that happen.

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Here's a fact that may come as a shocker to some of you: Blogging is not my whole life. That doesn't mean I don't love blogging, because I do - but there are other things that I love too. I have school, and sports, and a million other things to balance. If I'm busy or under a lot of stress during a particular week, writing a blog post isn't going to happen. It's just not. But that's okay.

In the past eight months that I've been blogging, I've told myself, "I have to get this post up by seven and then I'm done," or "Brooke, stop watching Netflix because you really have to write a post for tomorrow," more times than I can count. Now, watching Netflix is one thing and I should probably rather be blogging, but if I have family in town that I don't get to see that often? I'm going to be spending time with them. Sometimes I'll prepare for a busy week by scheduling posts, but if I don't have the time for that, then a blog post just won't happen. And that's okay.

So basically, what I'm trying to day here, is that blogging should be fun. It should be an outlet for you to express your creativity. It shouldn't be stressful for you to write posts, because you shouldn't have to. You should blog because you want to. If you can't think of a post idea, or don't have time, or are simply uninspired, don't sweat it. We get it. Take a break, clear your mind, then come back with a completely different perspective. You may just be surprised at what you find.'

What are your thoughts on blogging breaks?

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