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Beaver Creek Recap

Family Skiing on Beaver Creek Mountain | Live The Prep Life
If y'all didn't know, earlier this week, I traveled to Colorado for the first time for spring break! My family and I went skiing in Beaver Creek, and I had a great time! I took a lot of pictures and did a lot of fun activities, so I thought I would show y'all a quick recap of the trip. Enjoy!

Hyatt Denver Breakfast | Live The Prep Life

Wahoo's Fish Tacos | Live The Prep Life

Castle Peak Grille Dinner | Live The Prep Life

When I go on vacation, or out to eat, I'm guilty of taking pictures of every single meal. To keep this post from containing a million pictures, I limited my food pictures to one breakfast, one lunch, and one dinner picture. The omelette was actually from the Hyatt breakfast and the tacos are from my favorite taco place ever - Wahoo's Fish Tacos. The dinner is a chicken and pasta combination, and it's from Castle Peak Grille. If you ever go to Avon, I recommend going there!

Preppy Snow Day Outfit | Live The Prep Life

Sisters | Live The Prep Life

On the first night of our stay, it wasn't too cold out, so my sister and I took a few pictures. I got my sweater from TJMaxx a while back, and my boots are Hunter rain boots. Also, please excuse my sister's weird face - she doesn't like taking pictures.

Skiing In Beaver Creek | Live The Prep Life

Yoda Snow Carving in Beaver Creek | Live The Prep Life

Sisters Skiing in Beaver Creek | Live The Prep Life

Our first day of skiing was actually really nice! It was about 40 degrees the whole time, and I actually found myself getting hot. Since this was only my second time skiing, I mainly practiced the basics in the morning - how to stop, turn, and ski around. In the afternoon, we went down a few different slopes, which was a lot of fun (even though my sister had to get picked up by ski patrol).

Ski Lift In Beaver Creek | Live The Prep Life

Beaver Creek Mountain | Live The Prep Life

Beaver Creek Mountain | Live The Prep Life

The rest of the week, it was scheduled to snow, and snow it did! Beaver Creek got ten inches of snow on Monday - but my dad and I are convinced that it snowed more than that. It was about 25 degrees colder than the day before, and my fingers were getting numb, even though I was wearing really warm gloves. The snow was also coming down like crazy - on the ski lift, you couldn't see more than two cars in front of you! Despite the cold, my sister and I were skiing down blue slopes and mini moguls by the end of the day - not bad for our second time! We were really unprepared for the snow, because our last ski trip had been so warm (we traveled to Lake Tahoe and it was about 60 degrees). We didn't even have goggles, but we managed to bear the cold and blinding snow and enjoy ourselves!

Family Ice Skating in Beaver Creek Village | Live The Prep Life

Girl Ice Skating in Beaver Creek Village | Live The Prep Life

On our last day in Beaver Creek, we stopped in a few shops in the village, and finished everything off with some ice skating. I've never ice skated outside before, and I really enjoyed it!

This trip was so much fun, and I'm so glad I got to go! We were talking about going back in the summer, and I would love to do that! Let me know if you want to see more travel posts like this - I loved taking all these pictures and putting this together. Also, if you're ever planning to go to Beaver Creek - email me and I'll tell you some more of my favorite places.

Have you ever been to Beaver Creek? What did you do for spring break?

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