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Link Love Vol. 1

It's been forever since I published a post solely devoted to links, so I'm so excited to introduce my new series: Link Love! It's basically the same thing as my Friday Picks, except it has a different name and will be published every other week.

Also - in case you haven't noticed, Live The Prep Life got a makeover! I love my new design from Designer Blogs, and I can't wait to hear y'all's opinion on it. Bear with me for the next couple days as I mess around with a few things... I still have to work on little details to get everything the exact way I want it. Leave a comment letting me know what you think!

This week has been a long one (and not in a good way - I can't wait to catch up on missed sleep) so let's go ahead and get into the links, because I have so many to share and I really want to brighten your Friday!

4 // Pom poms are one of my favorite spring/summer trends, and this DIY pom pom coverup is just too cute not to make.

5 // Scallops are another one of my favorite trends... enough that I had to write an entire post on them.

10 // I've really been wanting to learn more Bible verses, and these five that Allison shared are a great place to start!

12 // Sally's perspective on a broken phone really makes you stop and think.

14 // I'm not that great when it comes to editing photos, so Cathleen's post on photography apps was a huge lifesaver.

Here's to a weekend filled with sleep, relaxation, and fun!
Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever. - Psalm 118:1

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  1. Awh thanks so much for featuring me, Brooke! Glad you liked it!

    XO, Elly