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6 Ideas For Preppy Room Decor

I've been wanting to do this post for so long, and now is the perfect time to do it since I finally finished redecorating my room! I got a desk for Christmas, and a lot of redecorating ensued, such as new art prints, the removal of my old bookcase, and other small things here and there! My room was supposed to be finished a long time ago, but the shelf I ordered from Wayfair was on backorder for the longest time! It finally came and we got it hanging, so I'm really excited to share my room with y'all!

6 Ideas For Preppy Room Decor | Live The Prep Life
First, here is the aforementioned shelf from Wayfair! I use it to display some of my paintings, since I've been painting a lot lately. I hope to paint a lot more paintings this summer - leave a comment if you want me to do a painting tutorial for a Lilly print or Vineyard Vines whale!

Preppy Bedding | Live The Prep Life
Awhile back, I won this gorgeous pillow in a giveaway from My Pink And Green Garden. The Sky Blue Heaven print goes perfectly with the turquoise scheme of my room (does anyone else think it looks fairly similar to the Coconut Jungle print?) and of course, you can never go wrong with monograms! I've had my bedding from PBTeen for quite a few years now, but I still love it!

Preppy Stickers | Live The Prep Life
I featured this board awhile back in my post on where to put preppy stickers, but since then, I've added tons of more stickers, so I had to share it again! I also have a couple Polaroids of my friends and me, and a few Lilly Pulitzer tags on it now. I feel like a bulletin board with stickers is a very basic preppy decor piece, but my room wouldn't be complete without it!

Wall Monogram | Live The Prep Life

Preppy Desk | Live The Prep Life
Here is my desk! Above it, I hung a monogram from Wayfair that I painted to match the color of my room, so now everyone knows that my wall is mine and no one else's. I also placed some crafts that I've done on my desk (which I just shared in one of my previous volumes of Life Lately) as well as a couple bowls and this desk lamp from PBTeen.

Gallery Wall | Live The Prep Life
Above my bed, I have a mini gallery wall. I got this anchor from Hobby Lobby and painted it the same color as the monogram. I got the big black canvas for Christmas about four years ago, and I love all of the inspirational messages on it! To finish everything off, I added two free prints that I found online. I can't find the beYOUtiful one, but the Essie one is from Chicfetti.

Preppy Dresser | Live The Prep Life
Lastly, I have my dresser! I have a little tray that came from Dillards, and I just put some koozies and makeup goodies such as EOS lip balm, Essie nail polish, and Bath & Body Works perfume on it. I also have a candle and my pearls here. Beside my dresser, I have a cross and vase that I painted. I also have my jewelry box, and my Vineyard Vines whale hat sits behind that. On the other side, I have a photo of my friend and I, a jewelry tray with a monogram necklace and Lokai bracelet on it, and a music box.

What does your room look like? What are your favorite pieces of room decor?

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