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How To Take Outfit Pictures With A Cast

A few weeks ago, I broke my wrist (read about it here), and being the blogger that I am, one of my biggest concerns was how I would photograph my outfits. I considered not publishing any outfit blog posts and not posting any photos of my outfits on Instagram, but I soon realized that there was a way to take outfit pictures with a cast and still make the photos look presentable. Since some other fashion bloggers might be going through the same struggle, I thought that I would share my tips and tricks for shooting outfits while wearing a cast!

Hide Your Cast // This is probably the most obvious tip. Since I injured my left forearm, I posed with my arm behind my back, like in the image above, so you couldn't see the cast. It does look a bit unnatural, but if I hadn't told y'all that I broke my wrist, you'd never know! I also posed where the right side of my body is facing the camera, so you can't see my left arm at all! If you hurt your leg, you could also try taking pictures that only show you from your knees up, or you could simply crop your legs out of the frame.

Wear Clothes That Match // Even on days when I wasn't taking pictures, I still tried to wear clothes that contained similar colors as my cast. It makes the cast less noticeable, and helps it look better in outfits. I didn't do this every day, but on most days I kept the blue shade of my cast in mind when picking out my outfit. For instance, when I went out to dinner a few weeks ago, I wore a Lilly Pulitzer shift that matched the my cast. The outfit still looked cute since my dress and cast were cohesive, and a few people even noticed how my outfit and cast went together! I have also been wearing this baseball cap from The Fraternity Collection a lot, since the blue stitching is the exact color of my cast. (Use my code brookebutler16 at The Fraternity Collection to get a cap just like this! They also have other caps that are perfect for summer, like this one and this one.)

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Embrace It // When I hurt my wrist, it was a big event in my summer with a pretty significant impact attached to it. I try to share many aspects of my life with y'all (hence why I write posts such as Life Lately) so I see no reason why I should have to hide my cast just because it's not the most aesthetically pleasing thing in the world. If you broke a bone and feel like you have to conceal your cast, just know that you shouldn't have to hide it from the world. You don't have to show it in every single picture you take if you don't want to, but you shouldn't be afraid to display your cast in your outfit posts!

Write Other Posts // If you don't want to take outfit pictures at all with a cast on, there are plenty of other fashion-related topics that you can write about while your broken bone is recovering. You can write about your current favorite trends, share what's on your wishlist, or give out some blogging tips. Don't feel limited to solely taking pictures of your outfit! Last week, instead of doing an outfit post, I wrote a blog post featuring The Monthly Initial. Check it out here!

I hope you find these tips helpful!

Have you ever had a broken bone? If so, how did you work around the challenges you faced?

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