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August Favorites

Although I promised Monthly Favorites would now be a recurring series on the blog, it's been a while since my last Monthly Favorites. I haven't done one since May! I've had other posts that I've wanted to publish for y'all, so this series has had to take a back seat for a little bit. However, I'm finally here to share some things that I've been loving this month, so keep reading to see my August Favorites!

Lilly Pulitzer Bulletin Board // I was recently sent this bulletin board from My Pink and Green Garden, and I'm in love with it! I've raved about my monogram pillow from the Etsy shop before, so I was thrilled to get this memo board! It's perfect for displaying my stickers and Polaroids, and I love the touch of Lilly that it adds to my room. You can check out My Pink and Green Garden here.

Nail Polish Wipes // Guys. These nail polish wipes are revolutionary. They're like makeup remover wipes, but for your nails! They work so much better than nail polish remover, and now that I've discovered these, I don't think I'll ever use regular nail polish remover again.

Donut Stop Water Bottle // I'm so happy to announce that I'm a rep for Jadelynn Brooke! You can use my code BBHS16 for a 15% discount! When I became a rep, they sent me a package full of goodies, and this water bottle was included. While I love all of the clothing they sent me, I think this water bottle is just too cute, and I can get a ton of use out of it because I bring it to school every day! I love the cute design, and of course, the adorable donut pun.

Nike Flex Supreme TR4 // I got these Nike running shoes back in July, and I'm still every bit obsessed with them! I wear my black Nike shorts all the time, and these shoes go perfectly with those shorts. I love wearing them when I go running or go to the gym, because they're incredibly comfortable, too! They also look really cute with a t-shirt and jeans for a casual day at school.

Can we just take a second to take in the fact that summer is officially over and it's the first day of September? I can't believe that summer went by so fast, but I'm so excited for fall (I already have my fall candles out!) I recently received two of these super soft blanket scarves from Dress and Charm, and I can't wait until the weather turns cool so I can style them. I'm also eagerly anticipating my After Party Sale goodies - what did y'all pick up from the Lilly Sale?

What have you been loving lately? Let me know by leaving a comment!

3 Back To School Outfit Ideas

As some of you may know, I started school on Monday While I'm not too thrilled to be back at school (I'd rather be at the beach) I always like the shopping aspect of heading back to school. It's always fun to pick out outfits for the first few weeks of school, so today, Daniela and I are showing y'all a few of our favorite outfits for back to school!

Top (similar) // Jeans // Shoes // Necklace c/o

First of all, what would an outfit post be without something from Francesca's? Francesca's is my favorite store next to Lilly Pulitzer, and I was in love with all of the clothes they had for fall. Even though this top is not sold online, I wanted to share it with y'all because I love the cut of it (plus, it's striped and I have a thing for stripes). I wore my favorite jeans of all time with it, and added this gold necklace from 212 West (read the blog post on it here).

For those days when I want to be comfortable but still want to look cute, this Lauren James beachcomber is my go-to. It's like a t-shirt, but a little bit dressier. Since I love seersucker, (read two seersucker outfit posts here and here) I'm naturally in love with the back of this shirt. I paired it with the same jeans as before, but these are in a lighter wash, so they're the perfect transition jeans from summer to fall! I added my favorite silver jewelry to finish the look off.

Top // Necklace // Jeans // Sandals

I purchased this peplum top at Altar'd State a week ago, and I'm in love! It's such an easy, flowy top for back to school, and I love how it looks paired with small accessories like my go-to Kendra Scott necklace. I wore my white jeans with this (but it would look really cute with dark jeans as well!) , and added these teal sandals to finish everything off.

I hope y'all enjoyed reading this, and gained some inspiration for some fall outfits! Make sure you go check out Daniela's post as well for three more back to school outfit ideas. If you started school this week, I hope you had a great first week!

When does your school start? What are your go-to outfits for back to school? Let me know by leaving a comment!

Wishlisted: 14th Birthday Edition

Birthday Wishlist

Boots // Duffel Bag // Earrings // Necklace // Bracelet // Camera // Pullover

It's hard to believe that my birthday is in a couple weeks - it feels like I only turned thirteen yesterday! Regardless, since my birthday is quickly approaching, I thought I would share some of the items on my birthday wishlist today. Of course, I do not expect to receive all of these items, and am in no way trying to brag or anything. I will be very thankful for anything I receive!

These Steve Madden boots are the perfect fall shoes, and this Patagonia pullover would be so cozy for winter. I'm trying to build my collection of gold jewelry, so these Lilly Pulitzer earrings and this Kendra Scott bracelet would be the perfect pieces to do so. The Kendra Scott Rayne necklace is the perfect statement necklace, and it's definitely at the top of my list. I also think this Vera Bradley weekender would be a great bag for taking a small weekend trip or spending the night at a friend's house - it's a good size, and this print is one of my favorites! (It's the same print as my backpack, which you can see here.) Lastly, I have this Canon Camera on my list. I've been wanting to improve my photography, and a professional camera is a great way to do that.

When is your birthday?

What's In My Backpack

It's kind of crazy to believe that I start school in three days. As depressing as the beginning of the school season may be, it's always fun to pick out supplies and go shopping for new clothes. Next week, you'll see some back-to-school outfit ideas, but today, Giulina and I are going to be sharing some of the supplies we purchased by showing y'all what we keep in our backpacks.

First of all, I have the Vera Bradley Lighten Up Grande Backpack in my favorite pattern, Colbalt Tile. (Pssst... it's half off at Macy's right now!) I really like it because it's very roomy, and it has all of the compartments I need. Since I have a large laptop, the grande was the right size for me.

In the main pocket, I keep my notebooks and my pencil case. This year, I decorated my notebooks by putting a bunch of cute stickers on them (check out my post on how to get free stickers here and my post on what to do with them here). In my pencil case, I just have a few things like my mini highlighters, mechanical pencils, the best pens, and sticky notes. I also keep my agenda in this area - you can read my whole post on how I use my agenda here!

I tend to drink a lot of water while I'm in class, so I always keep my Lilly Pulitzer tumbler handy. I got it a few years ago in Lobstah Roll, which is one of my favorite prints. Since Lilly Pulitzer no longer makes tumblers in that style, I've linked a similar one. I also put a monogrammed sticker from Alli Monograms on mine to make it even cuter! You can buy the sticker here, and you can use the code LIVETHEPREPLIFE for a discount!

For those mornings when I'm running late and skip breakfast, I keep a Kind granola bar in my front pouch so I don't get too hungry before lunch. Kind is my go-to brand of granola bars - I especially love their peanut butter chocolate flavor. I also have my lanyard in this pocket, since I am required to have my student ID available at all times. I also have my earbuds, since I often listen to music during study hall.

In the laptop compartment, I have my laptop, obviously. It's an HP Chromebook, and I love it because the inside is turquoise! My school uses laptops for almost everything, so it's crucial that I have this with me at all times.

Lastly, I have my binder and my lunch sack. While I don't technically keep these in my backpack, they always go right beside it. I have the Vera Bradley Lunch Sack in Colbalt Tile, so it matches my backpack. I am also always carrying my binder. I have a folder in it for each class, and I put handouts and worksheets in those folders. I printed out this adorable cover that I saw on Preptista, and I think it turned out really cute!

I hope you found this post helpful and interesting - I know I always enjoy seeing what other people keep in their backpacks, so hopefully you feel the same way. Make sure you go check out what Giulina keeps in her backpack!

You can shop all of the items featured by scrolling through the widget below!

What essentials do you keep in your backpack?

The Perfect Phone Case

*casually scrolls through Instagram*

T-Shirt (use the code brookebutler16 for a discount) // Shorts (featured in this post) // Sandals // Phone Case c/o // Fitbit // Bracelet

If you know me, then you know that I'm a pretty clumsy person. I drop my phone a lot, which means I need to have a good quality case on my phone at all times. I love cute phone cases like the ones from Lilly Pulitzer, but they're just not practical for me since I need a sturdy case on my iPhone. Hence, I've had my plain Speck case for a long time without changing it up.

Another fact about me is that I don't like to carry a purse. I'm always a little paranoid that I will leave it somewhere, and it's not always fun to lug a heavy purse around. If I'm just going to run errands and I have to have some cash or my credit card with me, I don't really want to carry a purse.

When a company called jimmyCASE reached out to me, I was extremely excited because I had seen other bloggers review this brand, and the design of the phone case was a genius idea. Basically, the phone has a little sleeve that is the perfect size for holding a credit card or some cash. It's like a phone case and a wallet, all in one!

The jimmyCASE is perfect in so many ways. I not only love the bright colors on my case (plus, the case is striped! I love stripes... click here and here if you don't believe me.) but I also love the wooden background. It's also a very high quality case - I've dropped my phone several times in this case, but nothing bad has happened! The main reason I love my case is because, as I said earlier, it is designed so I no longer have to carry a purse around if I don't need everything in a purse like lipstick or gum.

I also love this brand because they make phone cases for the iPhone 5c! That is the model I have, and unfortunately, not a lot of companies make cases for this model. Even if I wanted a phone case from Lilly Pulitzer, I couldn't have one, because they simply don't make 5c cases. I have this problem with a lot of brands, but fortunately, jimmyCASE has cases for all different models of phones.

You can buy the jimmyCASE here. My favorite color combinations are the multicolor (which I have) and the pink & gray.

What are your thoughts on the jimmyCASE?

Sprinkles & Seersucker

Today, I'm showing y'all pictures of this cute yet casual outfit that I wore on Saturday when I went to visit the Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM! This is the perfect outfit for running errands or hanging out with friends. It's been my go-to outfit this month, because it feels like I'm wearing Nike shorts and a t-shirt, but this combination is a lot cuter.

I paired these adorable seersucker shorties (featured in my May Favorites) with this monogrammed t-shirt from United Monograms. Awhile back, they were having a huge sale, so I knew I had to get this top because it would go perfectly with these shorts. I love all of United Monograms' t-shirts; the monogram is the right size and these Lilly Pulitzer ones are great birthday presents! To finish off the look, I added my comfy Converse, and some simple jewelry: my go-to James Avery necklace (also featured in my May Favorites), my two Lokai bracelets, and my new Lilly and Laura bracelet. I also put on my James Avery ring that I wear every day!

As I said earlier, I wore this outfit when I went shopping in Dallas and tried Sprinkles Cupcakes for the first time. I got a peanut butter cupcake with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles, and it was so good! However, I had the hardest time deciding which cupcake to get because all of the flavors looked heavenly, from the S'mores, to the red velvet, to the pumpkin spice!. I definitely want to go back!

Have you tried Sprinkles Cupcakes before? What is your go-to casual outfit?

6 Things I Learned From Breaking My Arm

6 Things I Learned From Breaking My Arm // Live The Prep Life

If you've been following Live The Prep Life for a couple weeks now, you'll know that I broke my wrist last month. If this is a new story to you, you can read more about it in this blog post and in this one. Anyway, I got my cast off just in time to go to Palm Beach, but I still had to wear a brace when I wasn't swimming or near water. However, last Thursday, my doctor said I no longer had to wear my brace, which means that the saga of my broken arm is officially over.

While this plot twist didn't make for the best summer, it helped me realize some important things and learn some valuable lessons. Today, I thought that I would share five things I learned from this experience with y'all, so I hope you enjoy!

Make The Most of Everything // About five hours before I broke my arm, my mom asked if I wanted to go swimming at our local pool. I said no, because I just wanted to stay home and catch up on everything - check Instagram, watch YouTube videos, that kind of thing. Besides, I had all summer to swim, right? Wrong. I wasn't able to go swimming for the next four weeks. This just goes to show you that you never know when something bad or unexpected might happen, and you always have to live in the moment and make the most of everything.

There Is Always Another Way // After I broke my wrist, I couldn't do anything that involved motion in my left arm. I couldn't open a water bottle, put my hair in a ponytail, or even hold my phone. I was so limited, and it was really frustrating. However, I quickly learned that there is always an alternate solution. I taught myself how to open a water bottle with one hand, and I learned how to hold my hair so I could tie it up in a somewhat sloppy, yet still functional ponytail. Don't ever feel like there's only one solution to a problem. Remember: two plus two equals four, but so does three plus one. There's always another option.

It Gets Easier // As days went by and my arm continued to heal, life got easier. I wasn't in any pain, and I started regaining my strength. I could hold my phone again (I didn't try to hold anything heavy, though, for obvious reasons) and I could rotate my arm a little more each day. As I got used to having a cast, it became less of an annoyance and simply something that was on my arm. There were days when I hardly noticed my cast, and as I said earlier, I learned how to perform everyday activities again.

Things Could Always Be Worse // There were times when it felt like breaking my arm was the worst thing in the world, but it wasn't. My break could've been more severe. I could have broken my right arm, or even my leg. Even with my broken arm, I was still able to walk, run, and travel. I went to The Woodlands and I had a lot of fun, even with my broken arm. I was able to have access to a doctor, which meant I could get a cast on and my bone would heal. Humans tend to take a lot of simple things for granted, but it's really the simple things that make up the big picture.

Look On The Bright Side // I tried to be positive about my broken arm. I used my experience to learn a few valuable lessons, like the ones I'm sharing with y'all. I tried to look on the positive side, and think about how good it would feel to get my cast off. Because of my broken wrist, I got to write a blog post about the lessons I've learned and a blog post about how to take outfit pictures with a cast. I'll get to tell this story to my children one day. If I could do it all over again, I would have done everything in my power to not break my arm, but that doesn't mean I didn't try to find the good in this situation.

God Is Always Listening // When I was in the emergency room the night I broke my arm, I continuously prayed that my arm would be okay. I so desperately wanted for my arm to be anything but broken. Yes, it turned out that my arm was broken, but the break was the least severe kind possible. After that, all I wanted was to get my cast off in time to go to the beach. I knew it was unlikely, but I still prayed constantly in hopes that God would hear me - and He did. I got my cast off two days before I left for Florida. While I still had to wear a brace, I could get in the ocean and enjoy my vacation. While the events of this story may not have been ideal, God knew what He was doing. He had a plan in place for me (Jeremiah 29:11) and He listened to my prayers. If you are going through a tough situation right now, just know that God is always right there and He will always hear what you have to say.

Have you ever faced a tough challenge? What are some lessons you learned from that challenge? Let me know by leaving a comment!

A Seasoned Sailor

Top (sold out in my color) // Shorts // Necklace c/o // Bracelet // Shoes

Navy has been one of my favorite colors lately! As I've been back-to-school shopping (yes, it's that time of year again, sadly) I've been gravitating toward pieces with navy in it. I think it's such a cute color, which is why I love this nautical necklace from Kiel James Patrick. The navy and the gold are a perfect combination, and I love the fun anchor charm. It looks great paired with a simple striped shirt, since stripes fit the nautical theme too. The necklace dresses up the shirt a little bit, but the outfit is still very casual. Any of the Anchor Hitch necklaces are the perfect completion to any outfit!

To finish off the look, I added some more gold jewelry and my white Jack Rogers! This outfit is perfect for going out to lunch or walking out on a dock by the lake - it makes me want to be back at the Waterway Cafe in Palm Beach!

You can click here to see all of the necklaces in the collection - I'm in love with them all!

What are your favorite nautical pieces? Do you have anything from KJP? Let me know by leaving a comment!