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The Perfect Phone Case

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If you know me, then you know that I'm a pretty clumsy person. I drop my phone a lot, which means I need to have a good quality case on my phone at all times. I love cute phone cases like the ones from Lilly Pulitzer, but they're just not practical for me since I need a sturdy case on my iPhone. Hence, I've had my plain Speck case for a long time without changing it up.

Another fact about me is that I don't like to carry a purse. I'm always a little paranoid that I will leave it somewhere, and it's not always fun to lug a heavy purse around. If I'm just going to run errands and I have to have some cash or my credit card with me, I don't really want to carry a purse.

When a company called jimmyCASE reached out to me, I was extremely excited because I had seen other bloggers review this brand, and the design of the phone case was a genius idea. Basically, the phone has a little sleeve that is the perfect size for holding a credit card or some cash. It's like a phone case and a wallet, all in one!

The jimmyCASE is perfect in so many ways. I not only love the bright colors on my case (plus, the case is striped! I love stripes... click here and here if you don't believe me.) but I also love the wooden background. It's also a very high quality case - I've dropped my phone several times in this case, but nothing bad has happened! The main reason I love my case is because, as I said earlier, it is designed so I no longer have to carry a purse around if I don't need everything in a purse like lipstick or gum.

I also love this brand because they make phone cases for the iPhone 5c! That is the model I have, and unfortunately, not a lot of companies make cases for this model. Even if I wanted a phone case from Lilly Pulitzer, I couldn't have one, because they simply don't make 5c cases. I have this problem with a lot of brands, but fortunately, jimmyCASE has cases for all different models of phones.

You can buy the jimmyCASE here. My favorite color combinations are the multicolor (which I have) and the pink & gray.

What are your thoughts on the jimmyCASE?

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