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100 Things To Be Thankful For

In life, there are so many things to be thankful for. There are so many things that we take advantage of, and so many blessings that we don't even realize we have. Last year, I wrote a post on 41 little things to be thankful for, but I'm stepping it up a notch today. When I first heard about the #100ttchallenge, hosted by Mariam, I knew right away I wanted to write a blog post on it. Basically, you just share 100 things you are thankful for. It's a great way to count your blessings, big and small, and appreciate everything you have.

I'm thankful for weekend trips to Waco, cozy scarves, and my crazy sisters who don't know how to pose for pictures!
I've worked with Mariam before (check out our collab here) and I'm so excited to work with her, and other amazing bloggers, again! Make sure you check out her post here.

So now, in no particular order, I present to you 100 things that I am grateful for!

1. The fact that Jesus died for me
2. My loving family
3. Education
4. Peanut butter
5. Pinterest
6. Refereeing soccer games
7. Photoshoots
8. My bunny, Cocoa
9. Chocolate
10. Spending time with my crazy sisters
11. My health
12. America, even in its current state
13. My phone
14. Setting goals
15. My church
16. Jewelry
17. Happiness
18. Cozy sweaters
19. Rainy days (I love rain)
20. The fact that my broken arm healed quickly
21. My amazing friends
22. Shopping trips
23. Early morning runs
24. Gossip Girl
25. The fact that I represent some awesome companies
26. Successful DIY's
27. Instagram
28. The roof over my head
29. When I get a good grade on a test
30. Yearbook
31. Scented candles
32. Laughter
33. Christmas decorations
34. Snow days (even though Texas isn't going to get any of those any time soon)
35. Spotify playlists
36. Lilly Pulitzer
37. An organized planner
38. Days when my makeup actually looks good
39. Finding new Bible verses that I love
40. Dessert in general
41. Volunteer work
42. Learning Spanish
43. Sunsets
44. Netflix marathons
45. Good books
46. When hard work pays off
47. The fact that the Gilmore Girls revival is just a few days away (!!!!)
48. Days when I have no homework
49. Vacations & weekend trips
50. My soccer team
51. My soccer coaches
52. When hard work pays off
53. Cute outfits
54. Days when I have a clean room and an organized life
55. Inside jokes
56. Cooking/baking
57. The incredible blogging community
58. When my favorite song comes on in the car
59. Mistakes, because I can learn from them
60. Helpful teachers at school
61. Movie marathons
62. My laptop
63. Spontaneity
64. Inspirational quotes
65. Tennis lessons
66. Clean water
67. The fact that I get a whole week off from school next week
68. YouTube videos
69. Living in the Lone Star State
70. Receiving packages in the mail
71. America, even in its current state
72. My grandparents
73. Life lessons
74. 5k races
75. Crossing items off of my bucket list
76. Bunnies
77. Fuzzy socks & tall boots
78. Pumpkin spice everything
79. Cute school supplies
80. Cold fronts
81. Nature
82. Central Market runs on the weekend
83. Summer
84. Braces (because they're going to make my teeth straight)
85. Lazy mornings
86. Zoe's Kitchen
87. Spending time with my friends
88. Glasses, because they help my vision
89. Snail mail
90. Beaches
91. Reading new posts from my favorite bloggers
92. Freedom
93. Celebrations
94. National Charity League
95. The color pink
96. Reaching my goals
97. Wall art
98. Sports
99. Sunshine
100. You!! Thanks for reading my blog and sticking around - I'm so thankful for all of my readers!

A huge shoutout to Mariam for starting this challenge! I encourage y'all to share 100 things you are thankful for, and hashtag your pictures using #100ttchallenge on Instagram.

What are you thankful for? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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