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Link Love Vol. 9

Happy Friday! This week has been a crazy one, as I'm sure it has for most of y'all. However, I'm not going to talk about the events of this week. Instead, I'm here to brighten your week with a few links I've been loving lately!

Thanksgiving is thirteen days away, and I couldn't be more ready to have a week off of school. I'm looking forward to sleeping in, spending time with my family, and eating good food!

4 // I made these peanut butter cups this week, and they were delicious.

6 // Y'all know I'm obsessed with tassels... so naturally, I love this tasseled dress that PJ wore!

8 // I finally finished Gilmore Girls, and I'm so excited for the revival. Watch the trailer here!

11 // Believe it or not, good things have actually happened this year... read a heartwarming list of them here.

Have a great weekend!

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