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Life Lately Vol. 13

Happy Friday! These past two weeks have felt really long - it's been hard to get in a consistent routine for the second semester of school, and I'm so relieved that I have a three day weekend to relax and unwind. I know I say that every Friday, but it's true - weekends are my favorite!

Snow // Last week, it snowed in Texas for the first time in two years! We didn't get a ton of snow, but we did get a nice dusting that was enough to completely cover the ground. This was my bunny's first time in the snow, and she absolutely loved it! I also took a couple pictures of my sisters, and while their hair is a tangled mess and their lips are chapped, they're pretty darn adorable.

Sunglasses // I bought my first pair of sunglasses over winter break! I've never owned a pair before, since I wear glasses and therefore can't wear sunglasses unless they are prescription sunglasses. I saw these Kate Spade sunglasses at a local glasses store, so I got these with my glasses prescription in them. They are sold out, but here's a similar pair. I can't wait to feature them in outfit posts! (Psst... I posted this on my Snapchat, so make sure you follow me at livethepreplife so you don't miss out on any more snaps!)

Reader Survey // I know I've been promoting my reader survey a lot lately, but I would really appreciate it if y'all would take five minutes to fill out this reader survey! I want to make this blog the best it can be, and I need your help to do that!

Movies // So many good movies have come out lately! My dad, sister, and I went to see Rogue One over winter break, and we saw Moana last weekend. Rogue One confused me for the majority of the movie, but it all came together at the end and I found myself in tears because it was so. good. Moana was even better, though - Disney movies are my absolute favorite, and this one was no exception! I found myself wanting to travel to her island and spend all day in the crystal clear waters. Of course, I cried a little, too... because what's a Disney movie without tears? :)

Overall, it's been a pretty good start to the year, even if I'm already counting down the days until school gets out for Spring Break. Leave a comment letting me know how your week was - I love to hear from y'all!

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