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My Best Moments of 2016

You're probably sick of all of the New Year's related blog posts by now. I don't blame you - it seems like everyone is writing some sort of 2016 recap. However, I wanted to jump on the trend and share some of my favorite moments from 2016. It was an incredible year filled with adventure, fun, and opportunity, so I wanted to share some of the best parts of it with y'all!

These events are in no particular order - I honestly just wrote them down in the order that I thought of them. I'm really indecisive when it comes to ranking things, so all of these items are tied for 1st place. :)

Going to Palm Beach // I have always wanted to go to Palm Beach, and I was so excited to get to go this summer! My family and I had so much fun shopping, eating, and spending time on the beach. I wrote two whole posts on it, which you can read here and here.

Going to Beaver Creek // I also went to Beaver Creek over Spring Break! I love skiing, and this was my first time skiing when it was actually snowing. While I was freezing at the time and couldn't feel my legs, I had a lot of fun in Colorado and I'm so glad I got to go! Read my recap here.

Becoming a Soccer Referee // Over the summer, I took a course to become a certified soccer referee. I started refereeing games during the fall, and I really enjoy doing so. It's my first real job, and I like it because I can pick my own schedule and I get to watch little girls and boys discover the game of soccer. I'm excited to continue refereeing in the spring when soccer starts back up!

Christmas // I included Christmas in this list because I get so excited about Christmas and so into the Christmas spirit. Christmas is easily one of my favorite days of the year, and this Christmas was definitely the best one yet, between receiving my camera, eating delicious food, and getting to see family that I'd never met before.

Getting Cocoa // The day my sisters and I received our bunny, Cocoa, was also one of the best days of the year! We received her on Easter, and it was a complete surprise. I was definitely not expecting a real live Easter bunny to hop out of my Easter basket! She is the sweetest thing ever, and I love her beyond words - I'm so thankful to have her!

Becoming a Jadelynn Brooke Rep // Jadelynn Brooke has always been one of my favorite brands, which is why I was thrilled to become a representative for them! I've gotten so many amazing opportunities through working with them, and I am beyond excited to continue repping them in the upcoming semester. You can use my code BBHS16 for a 15% off discount.

Getting my cast off // While breaking my arm wasn't exactly the highlight of my year, getting my cast off was an incredible moment. I'm thankful that my wrist wasn't broken too badly, and I only had the cast on for three weeks. The whole experience made me realize how grateful I am for two working hands, and you can read the blog posts I wrote on it here and here.

Running my first 5k // I've always liked to run, but I never imagined myself running a 5k. My sister and I spontaneously decided to run a 5k in November, and I'm so glad we did. It was actually really fun, and it made me want to do a lot more races in the future.

Turning 14 // I turned 14 in September, and it was my best birthday yet! I had a Lilly Pulitzer themed party, and I love how it turned out, from the cake to the decorations. I wrote a recap of my entire birthday here, so make sure you check that out!

2016 was an amazing year, and there were so many other amazing moments that I didn't include in this list, because this post would have gone on forever if I included every amazing thing about 2016. 2017 definitely has some big shoes to fill - I'm so excited for everything it has in store!

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What were your best moments of 2016? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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