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LIfe Lately Vol. 17

Wow... it feels like it's been forever since I've written a Life Lately post! My blogging schedule has been pretty crazy for the past couple weeks, due to Spring Break, but I've gotten back on a normal schedule, so thanks for being patient with me while I figured things out. I have some really exciting posts and collaborations coming up that I can't wait for y'all to see!

Life has been pretty fun lately - a lot has been going on due to Spring Break, so I have some exciting things to share with y'all!

Spring Break // First and foremost, I had to talk about my Spring Break again! I wrote a whole post on it, but in case you missed it, I went to Park City with my dad and sister for Spring Break. It was so much fun, and easily one of the best trips I've ever been on. I hope to go back someday soon!

Instagram Stories // I've gotten really into Instagram stories recently! I had a blog Snapchat that I used a ton, but I kind of gave up on it a couple months ago... whoops. However, I've been posting a lot of pictures on Instagram Stories lately - I think it's such a fun way to share pictures that I wouldn't necessarily share anywhere else, and the stories reach a lot more people than they ever did on Snapchat.

Warm Weather // All of a sudden, the weather became warm! The temperature even reached 90 degrees the other day... this never happens in March, even in Texas. I've definitely been taking advantage of the nice weather by going on long evening runs and playing outside with my bunny. The weather definitely has me looking forward to summer.

Gigi's Cupcakes // Gigi's Cupcakes is my favorite cupcake place of all time, and my family and I went there on the last day of Spring Break to get some delicious cupcakes! Their peanut butter one will forever be my all time favorite, but I tried their cookie dough one and it was soso good. If you're ever by a Gigi's Cupcakes, please go - I promise, you won't be disappointed!

Shopping // My shopping addiction isn't a new obsession or anything, but I have been doing a little bit (okay, a lot) of shopping lately. I finally picked out an Easter dress (it's this white one) and I bought this jacket to go with it. I also tried on this dress at Lilly Pulitzer the other day and fell in love. It's technically a cover-up, and it's way out of my price range, but I have my eye on it nonetheless. I've made some other purchases, so expect a haul on my YouTube channel soon!

Thanks for reading my really long life recap! I'd love to hear about what's been going on in your life recently - let me know by leaving a comment below.

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