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Link Love Vol. 17

Because I'm fairly certain we could all use a cupcake right now...
Happy Friday! After a copious amount of standardized testing this week, a nice, relaxing weekend is just what I need - and what better way to unwind than with some links? I haven't written a link love blog post in a couple weeks, so hopefully the long list of articles will make up for the previous installments I missed earlier this month.

2 // Lauren went to Europe for spring break, and I've loved reading all of her travel blog posts!

4 // Renee's pictures from her visit to The Breakers are gorgeous.

5 // I'm dying to visit Seven Magic Mountains after reading Isabella's post about it.

6 // Shannon did an amazing job when painting her fraternity coolers... how cute and preppy are they?!

7 // I'm a sucker for colorful, patterned walls, so of course I'm obsessed with all of these cool pictures Fran took while in Miami!

8 // These 13 crazy interview questions really got me thinking...

9 // I loved reading the story behind Jade's name!

10 // Check out my latest blog posts here and here.

11 // There are a lot of behind the scenes aspects of blogging, and Dorothy's post really brings light to a lot of those aspects.

12 // Samoas are quite possibly my favorite cookies ever, so I'm definitely going to be making these cookie bars soon.

Hope y'all have a great week! Leave a comment letting me know how your week was!

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