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Life Lately Vol. 20

Happy Friday & welcome to my 20th edition of Life Lately! I already mentioned this in my last volume of Life Lately, but I've really enjoyed documenting my life through these posts and I'm excited to share more posts in the weeks to come.

These past couple weeks have been extremely hectic, but on the bright side, I only have a couple more weeks of school before summer break! Let me tell you, it can't come fast enough...

Popsicles // A new popsicle place recently opened near me, and I've been dying to try their popsicles that everyone raves about! I went with some of my friends to celebrate one of my friends' birthday, and we had such a fun time! We went to dinner and had popsicles for dessert, and of course we took advantage of the cute walls they had that were perfect for picture-taking. The quality of the photos isn't the best, since they were taken at night, but the important thing was that we captured some amazing memories and had such a fun time.

Cooking // I've decided to start sharing the recipes I've made recently in my Life Lately posts! Cooking and nutrition are two things that I am passionate about, and I want to share my favorite recipes with y'all, so what better way to do that than incorporating some recipes in my Life Lately posts? Recently, I made these brownie breakfast bars from Running With Spoons, and they turned out delicious! I also cooked this vegetarian Mexican rice casserole for dinner one night. I forgot to take pictures of it, but it was amazing and is definitely now one of my go-to dinner recipes!

Testing // Finals week is slowly but surely creeping up! I had standardized testing this week, more next week, and then I will have an entire week of finals right before summer. While I don't love the idea of studying, I've found that using bright colors and taking study breaks really help make studying a lot more effective for me. (See more of my study tips here). Here's to hoping I do well on all of my upcoming exams and final projects!

This weekend is definitely going to be a busy one, too. I have an end-of-year celebration tonight (expect to see a couple pictures in the weeks to come!) and I have two soccer games tomorrow, as well as several errands to run. However, I've found that busy, spontaneous weekends usually turn out to be the best ones. :)

I hope each and every one of you had an amazing week and have an even better weekend!

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