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It's been a bit since my last favorites post! I decided not to do one last month because despite doing a good amount of shopping, I didn't really have that many things to share with y'all. I think I might start doing "Current Favorites" every two months or so on my YouTube channel instead of monthly favorites blog posts... let me know what you think of that idea!

Since favorites posts are still some of my favorite posts to write, I wanted to do something similar this week since I didn't do a May Favorites post. Ever since I read this blog post on Design Darling a while back, I've wanted to do one like it. It's basically "Life Lately" meets "Monthly Favorites," which are two of my most popular series! I hope y'all enjoy!

Listening... to the country music radio station. Country music and summer obviously go hand in hand, so of course I put some country music on whenever I'm in the car, cooking, or cleaning my room! I don't really have a favorite song right now, because I pretty much just listen to everything that comes on the country radio.

Loving... food. Lately, I've been making so many recipes. I made this one last night, and while it wasn't the best, I really enjoyed this one! This banana french toast bake has become one of my go-to breakfast recipes, and I'm planning on making this bean salad and these cookie bars next!

Reading... I'm in between books at the moment, but I just finished Talking As Fast As I Can by Lauren Graham and I loved it! If you didn't know, Lauren Graham plays Lorelai in Gilmore Girls, and she is every bit as hilariously witty as her character. I read this book incredibly fast, and I was literally laughing out loud at parts! I definitely recommend this if you're looking for something to help pass the time during a long road trip or flight.

Wanting... all the summer items. I'm in love with all of J Crew's summer clothes, and the latest batch of arrivals at Francesca's has me swooning (as always!).

Watching... way more Netflix and YouTube than I should. A lot of my favorite YouTubers have been posting a ton of videos since it's summer, so I have so many videos to catch up on! I'm also watching wayyy too much Grey's Anatomy - I started a few months ago, and I'm already on season twelve. It's so addictive, though!

Wearing... a t-shirt and Nike shorts. Every. Single. Day. Since school got out last week, I haven't really been dressing up for any reason. All I've done is run errands and do a little bit of shopping, so a comfy t-shirt and athletic shorts have been my go-to uniform. However, when it comes to nicer occasions, I've been reaching for this top quite a bit lately! I featured it in this blog post, and I'm still every bit head over heels for it! It's the perfect top for summer!

What are you currently loving? Let me know by leaving a comment - I love to hear from y'all!


  1. Hahaha girl I'm so with you on the Nike shorts and tee shirts ��

  2. Yassssss... turned my country stations back on! Now the weather just has to get a tad warmer xx come on summer!!

  3. You inspired me to want to read this summer!