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Link Love Vol. 24

Happy Friday, friends! I've spent the past week exploring the city of Austin, and to say it's been fun would be a major understatement. We managed to do and see so much over the course of five days, and of course I've taken so many amazing pictures that I can't wait to share with y'all!

If I had to sum up my week in one picture, this would be it... I've had four cupcakes in the past five days!
As for now, I'm back again today with another volume of Link Love, where I share my favorite blog posts & articles that have been floating around the Internet. Since I've been travelling, I haven't had a ton of time to be online, but I have had a few minutes to catch up on everything while my family takes quick breaks in the hotel. Keep on reading to see the links I've been loving!

1 // Dorothy's friends provide an interesting perspective on the life of a blogger

2 // I'm definitely not the most artistic person out there, but this DIY painted vase looks fairly easy and is too cute to not attempt!

3 // I think I've linked these in a post before, but the week before we left, I made these cookie butter bars that were so good!

4 // Want to excel at work? Stop saying these seven things ASAP.

5 // Isabella's experience of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro sounds so incredible, and her pictures are equally breathtaking!

6 // As someone who has an affinity for all things pink, I loved this article about all the places to find Millennial Pink in Los Angeles!

7 // I'm always looking for new hashtags to add to my Instagram posts, so of course I bookmarked Madison's ultimate hashtag guide!

8 // Speaking of Instagram... I've been posting a ton lately so you should go follow me here!

9 // After reading this post on how + why to have a signature nail polish, I've been thinking a lot about my signature color. I've always loved Fiesta, but right now I'm wearing Bikini So Teeny and loving it!

10 // Palm Beach is one of my favorite places ever, and Katie's pictures from her trip there were stunning!

11 // Lake Tahoe is another one of my favorite places ever, so of course I loved Sami's Tahoe travel guide!

12 // Also on the subject of travel, I've been obsessed with Greece lately, and I love all of these pictures of the Greek islands!

13 // Did you hear about the infamous summer bucket list girl? We should all strive to be like her...

14 // I hate myself for mentioning the NSale (I'm sick of hearing about it) but I loved Kate's detailed post on the sale. It was too informative and thorough to not share!

Leave any of your latest blog posts or links you've been loving in a comment below - I could always use more reading material!

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