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9 Ways To Instantly Look Put-Together

The art of looking put-together is something I struggle with on a daily basis. I'm completely guilty of throwing together a top, jeans, shoes, and a necklace and calling it a day, but I'm constantly looking for little ways to turn my clothes into an actual outfit. Over time, I've found that these nine tips create the illusion of looking (and feeling!) put-together, so I hope you find these tips helpful.

Dress in Layers // Whenever I throw on my denim jacket, my outfit goes from a couple clothing items to an actual outfit. I love fall because it's the perfect season for layering - you can add a denim jacket to almost anything, tie a flannel around your waist, or throw a cozy scarf over your outfit. These pieces add more depth to your outfit, creating a perfectly finished ensemble.

Add Some Sunglasses // I find that any outfit instantly looks more put-together if you throw on your favorite pair of sunglasses. I wear my Kate Spade sunglasses all the time, and absolutely love them!

Focus on Your Makeup // A finished makeup look can really take any outfit to the next level. I rely on bright lipsticks to finish my makeup look, but you can also go for a really dramatic eye shadow look or do a bold eyeliner wing.

Do Your Nails // This tip proves that it's the little details that add up to making an outfit look put-together. Whenever I have a fresh coat of polish on my nails, I not only look more put-together, but I feel the part too. There are quite a few nail polishes that I believe every girl should own, and they all help to complement any outfit!

Add Jewelry // If you add a few simple jewelry pieces to an outfit, it definitely takes it up a level! I have some go-to jewelry that I wear constantly, and those pieces go well with virtually anything. For gold jewelry, I love my Ross+Simons earrings, my Kendra Scott necklace, and my Kendra Scott bracelet. For silver jewelry, I always wear my monogram necklace, my James Avery earrings, and my James Avery ring. Bigger jewelry pieces also make a statement, too! I just bought this colorful necklace, love these pink earrings, and wear my James Avery charm bracelet constantly.

Wear Statement Items // A fun statement item always makes you look put-together. This item can be jewelry, shoes, a purse, or even a top! I love this top from The Mint Julep boutique because the sleeves make such a statement, and I also have my eye on this adorable tie-front blouse from Nordstrom. Statement sleeves are a huge trend right now, so for the most part, you can find a statement blouse anywhere!

Add A Purse // I never follow this advice, because I honestly hate purses, but adding a purse to any outfit, whether it be a simple crossbody or a big tote, finishes off the outfit and ties everything together. I have my eye on this tote bag, but as for now, I don't ever use purses because they bother me too much.

Do Your Hair // Again, I rarely, if ever, do this, but when take the time to actually fix my hair, I notice it makes all the difference. I'm the worst at hairstyles, but if you're talented in the hair styling department, this tip is for you! Big curls or a detailed braid add an eye-catching component to any outfit.

Be Confident // Sally from Sweetly Sally wrote a great post awhile back on why you can't pull off the latest trends, and I feel like that post goes hand in hand with this one. If you look at all the Instagram models and Pinterest girls, you'll notice that they all have this air about them that makes anything look good on them. Stand up strait, put on a genuine smile, and be confident in what you're wearing. Trust  me, it will make your outfit instantly look 1,000 times better.

I hope you found these tips helpful - I know they've definitely helped me improve my outfits over time!

What are your best tips for looking put-together? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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