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Link Love Vol. 26

What a week this has been. I started school this week, and while it hasn't been that bad, it left me feeling really exhausted and with a ton of homework. I am so glad it's finally the weekend, because this one is going to be so much fun! Today is my little sister's birthday, so we're going to the American Girl store and I'm honestly so happy and nostalgic because I haven't been there in 10 years (plus their lunch menu actually looks amazing!!) Meanwhile, I've rounded up some of my favorite blog posts and articles for you to read as you sip your morning coffee - enjoy!

1 // I'm making this cookie cake for my little sister today, and I can't wait to see how it turns out!

2 // Daria talks about how we were made to grow & thrive

3 // What are your thoughts on Taylor's new song? I like bits and pieces of it, but overall, I was pretty disappointed.

4 // Sally is giving up blogging... and I couldn't agree more.

5 // As a peanut butter lover, it made me so happy that the cure for peanut allergies could be upon us and millions of people will finally get to taste the joy that is peanut butter!

6 // The Lilly sale begins tomorrow... are you prepared?! I don't think I'll be shopping it this year, but best of luck to you if you're hoping to find some good deals!

7 // I've always wanted to go to New York so I've been loving Fran's recaps!!

8 // But honestly... why are millennials so obsessed with food??

9 // The cutest motel you ever did see

10 // Ever since finding cute wall murals while traveling this summer, I've been researching some colorful Dallas murals, and all of these are on my list!

11 // Here's everything Rachel learned after giving up shopping for an entire month

Have a great weekend!

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