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Currently Vol. 6

Happy Friday! I took a little break from blogging at the beginning of the week so I could focus on spending time with my family and enjoying the festivities, but I'm back today with another volume of Currently!

Reading... my dad always gets me books for Christmas, and this year was no exception. I received Fear and Loathing In La Liga, and When Nobody Was Watching by Carli Lloyd (this one was actually my sister's, but I plan on stealing it!). I can't wait to dive into both books.

Wanting... nothing. I got everything I asked for for Christmas and I couldn't feel more blessed and content.

Listening... I'm going through Christmas music withdrawals, but to cope with that, I'm listening Taylor Swift's Reputation on repeat. I didn't get to fully appreciate it because I started listening to Christmas music right after it was released, so I'm making up for that by blasting it from my sister's new shower speaker 24/7.

Eating... Christmas leftovers. We still have so many sweets left over at our house, and I've been indulging in them all! My grandma made the most amazing pecan pie cake for Christmas Eve dinner, and I've had a piece of it for breakfast for the past couple days. Not the healthiest option, but definitely the right choice.

Buying... I bought this super-soft top and this pom-pom beanie a couple days before Christmas, but that's about it. I also purchased this velvet top to wear on Christmas (it would be perfect for New Year's, too, though!)

Watching... Friends! I've been watching this show with my mom for a couple months now, and it's so good. We're only on season two (she's seen it before, but never in sequential order) but I'm absolutely obsessed!

Loving... my new MacBook! My grandparents surprised me with it for Christmas, and I was so shocked because I genuinely didn't think that I was going to get it. I'm still learning all the features and playing around with it, but I'm obsessed and so incredibly thankful!

Have a great weekend!

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