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Link Love Vol. 31

Happy Friday, friends! It's been forever since I've published a Link Love post, so forgive me if this gets a bit lengthy :)

I'm so glad it's finally Friday - this week has been such a long one, between waiting for Christmas and studying for finals. Thankfully, my school has Friday off next week, so this is the last Friday of school before Christmas! I don't want to make this introduction super long, so I'll just let you get into the links. Happy reading!

1 // Need some holiday dress ideas? From velvet to sequins, Lauren's got you covered!

2 // How cute are these DIY cinnamon ornaments? I actually have one similar to this that I made in preschool, and it still smells good. I want to make more of these!

3 // So many gift guides are happening on LTPL... we've got Secret Santa, the fashion blogger, the baker, and an ornament exchange so far!

4 // I thought this article about Chip and Joanna's kids was so interesting... they're all adorable!

5 // Madewell & Milk Bar collaborated and this cookie t-shirt has my name all over it

6 // 4 Christmas outfit ideas, no matter what your plans are

7 // I've always wanted to go to LA, so I definitely bookmarked Gabby's post on 15 things to do during your first trip to the city.

8 // This Christmas song has been on repeat lately!

9 // 11 things to look for when writing an essay (especially helpful during finals week)

10 // What's your chance of getting a white Christmas? Dallas is currently at 0%, which makes me so sad :(

11 // How to stay healthy during the holidays

12 // Your salary vs. the Kardashians... I spent way too long on this website, haha

13 // 5 ways to give back during the holidays

14 // Are you all caught up on my Vlogmas?

15 // How gorgeous is this plum spice cake? I doubt it would look like that if I tried to make it, but it's the perfect dessert for Christmas dinner!

16 // Gifts for the Blair Waldorf in your life

17 // How to make an awesome Instagram plan

18 // My favorite mother-daughter duo takes on Central Park... Emma is growing up so fast!

19 // In case you were wondering what it's like to date a blogger

20 // As a Halo Top addict, I found this article about the company's history quite interesting.

21 // OBSESSED with Jessica's Christmas decor... so colorful and cheerful!

Have a great weekend!

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