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Happy Saturday, friends! This post was supposed to go up yesterday morning, but my power went out Thursday night and I wasn't able to finish writing this post. Better late than never, right? Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and keep reading to see what I've been loving lately.

from Tuesday's blog post!

Reading... y'all, I've been reading so slowly lately. I just finished Opening Belle (took me forever) and I just started When Nobody Was Watching (I really like it so far!) I really want to make reading a bigger priority, but I just keep pushing it aside. If you have any good book recommendations, leave them in a comment below!

Loving... Trader Joe's has released a ton of beauty products lately, and I love their rose facial spray, (like Mario Badescu's, but only $3!) and their rose hand cream.

Listening... I've started to enjoy podcasts lately - they're great to listen to while I clean my room or work on homework. My favorites are Pop Fashion and The Goal Digger, but I have a blog post coming up soon on my ten favorite podcasts!

Watching... I started watching This Is Us a couple weeks ago, and I love it! I'm only a few episodes in, and the plotline is a little confusing, but it's still so good and I definitely recommend it.

Eating... mac & cheese. My whole family got the flu a couple weeks ago, and while we're all better, my mom doesn't have much of an appetite and mac & cheese is the only thing that sounds good to her. I'm not complaining, though, because who doesn't love pasta covered in cheese?! My dad also got an Instant Pot recently, and we made this salsa chicken and this Tuscan chicken stew.

Buying... I bought the prettiest seafoam top the other day, and it's perfect for spring, but for whatever reason I can't find it online anywhere! Here's a similar one (mine is short sleeved though).

Wearing... my Hunter boots. It rained practically every day this week, but I honestly love rain (mainly because I get to wear my rain boots!)

Have a great weekend!

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