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Link Love Vol. 33

What a week. I entered this week feeling really tired and stressed, which is why I didn't post on Instagram at all this week or have a blog post up on Tuesday like I normally do. Between the Instagram algorithm changes, lack of engagement, and little free time to shoot outfit pictures, I've been feeling kind of uninspired and burnt out lately. I hope to be back on top of things soon, but at the moment, I have little motivation to post anything.

because it's Friday and we could all use a donut... or five

But now, on a lighter note, we've made it to the weekend! To celebrate, I'm sharing some of my favorite articles and blog posts from around the web recently. Enjoy!

This bright, colorful office is everything dreams are made of.

I made these peanut butter truffles last week, and they taste just like a Reese's peanut butter cup!

Why you should implement white space into your daily routine

These Palm Beach getaway pictures have me feeling all kinds of wanderlust... is it time for another visit yet??

On the blog lately: Amazon Finds + Teddy Bear Coat

Came across this jacket the other day and I can't help but want it! Thoughts?

Helene's post on the age of influence is a very interesting read and definitely got me thinking about the relationship between brands and influencers.

This backless workout top is such a good deal!

Courtney covers a bunch of tips on working for brands

I reeeeaaallly could use these Nutella sugar cookies right now

As I mentioned earlier, the Instagram algorithm has changed again... here's what's up.

Have a great weekend!

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