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Life Lately Vol. 35

Happy Friday, friends! The week after Spring Break is always a long one, but we've made it through! I have a ton of fun snapshots to share with you today, so keep reading!

(Also, I know my blogging schedule has been all kinds of sporadic lately, but I should be back to regular scheduling next week!)

Over Spring Break, the weather was really nice! It was sunny and 70 degrees most days, and I think that calls for snow cones! My mom and I went shopping in a part of town filled with tons of cute boutiques, and we treated ourselves to snow cones after we finished shopping.

Also, I got my learner's permit recently! I'm taking Driver's Ed online (here's the program I'm using if you're looking for a good one) and my dad and I went to the DMV during Spring Break to get my learner's permit. It wasn't an easy process by any means, but I'm excited to start learning how to drive.

Last weekend, my family and I went to Mockingbird Station to do a little shopping and try out a new lunch spot. We ate at the Dallas Grilled Cheese Co, and I thought it was really good! I also stopped in Urban Outfitters and tried on this skirt, but didn't purchase it... what are your thoughts?

One of my 2018 goals is to run 300 miles, so I got some new running shoes the other day! They are so much more supportive than my old Nikes, and they are so comfortable - they make running a million times better.

ft. Ashley in the background
If you know me, you know I hate doing my hair, but my friend braided it for me the other day and I was obsessed with it! It's inspired me to start practicing hairstyles and learn how to braid hair well.

This weekend is going to be so much fun - my mom and I are going to the grand opening of our local farmer's market tomorrow, and on Sunday we're going to take some pictures at a nearby tulip farm! What's on your weekend agenda?

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