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12 Things

Long time, no blog post, friends! I thought I was past my burnout that I talked about here, but lately I've had no motivation to publish any blog posts. This time is always a busy time of year, but I've honestly had plenty of time to write blog posts... I just haven't felt like it.

Enough of that - today I'm sharing 12 things that have been on my mind! Aspyn Ovard did a post like this a few months ago, and I've wanted to do one ever since.

1. A new Francesca's just opened up near me and it's two minutes away from my school... the employees already know me by name, haha.

2. It's gotten so. hot. in Dallas. It was 90 degrees last weekend and I thought I was going to melt.

3. My favorite snack lately has been tomatoes & hummus - such a good combination!

4. I only have 21 days of school left - thank goodness, because I'm so ready for summer!

5. My soccer banquet is this Saturday and I'm so excited. I'm wearing my Homecoming dress from last fall (similar linked here)

6. I need good, cheap swimsuits for summer that aren't too cheeky or anything. Where should I look?

7. I just scheduled my classes for next year and I got in to all the classes I wanted. I'm taking soccer, art, Spanish, and art history for my electives.

8. I'm going to Maui and Galveston this summer! Any places I should visit while there?

9. My phone has randomly stopped working. I can't get any text messages on it anymore, and of course my local Apple store is under remodel so I can't take it in.

10. I get my braces off in less than two months! It feels like I've had them on for forever.

11. I can't believe that it's already May. This year is going by so fast!

12. I'm dying to take a trip to Waco and visit Chip & Joanna's new restaurant. It's so gorgeous!

What's been on your mind lately?

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