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Link Love Vol. 36

Happy Friday! This week has been incredibly long, but I'm trying to stay positive because there's only three more weeks of school before summer! Today I'm sharing some of my favorite blog posts and articles I've been loving lately - enjoy!

similar top // necklace (only $4!)
1 // Microinfluencers are taking over the blogging game... are you one?

2 // Headed to Maui this summer and I'm starting to research places to visit - this travel guide has been my favorite so far!

4 // Lauren is expecting!!! She's going to be such an amazing mom!

5 // I've always wanted to try a barre class, and Kate's post about it makes me want to try it even more!

6 // How to take your beach outfits to the next level

7 // Dying to try these Trader Joe's finds!

8 // Currently on my wishlist: this skirt, this tee, & these shorts

9 // Julia released her dress collection recently, and I loved this interview about how she started it.

10 // Every Halo Top flavor, ranked... (what's your favorite? mine is a tie between red velvet and cake batter!)

11 // While we're at it, every Ben & Jerry's flavor, ranked... (again, what's your favorite? I love truffle kerfuffle & half baked.)

12 // I promise this is my last thing about ice cream, but have you watched my healthy ice cream taste test?

13 // I loved reading Molly's birthday reflections!

14 // This outfit is one of my favorites that Julia has ever shared!

Have a great weekend!

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