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LOOKBOOK: How To Get Cute Outfits For Less!

One the questions I get asked most frequently is, How do you shop while on a budget? How can you get cute clothes for less? I've become pretty good at scoring great deals on clothes over the years, so today I am sharing some outfits that I've gotten great deals on and how I did it!

This outfit is probably my favorite I've ever put together, and the best part is, every item in it was pretty inexpensive! My top was actually $3, because I got it from Shein - a great place to buy cheap, trendy clothes. My choker was only $4, from Forever 21. They have great inexpensive jewelry. My skirt was originally $50 at Urban Outfitters, but I got it for $20 because it went on sale and I applied a promo code on top of that (sold out but here's a similar, even cheaper one)! My shoes were also $50 at DSW, but I had a coupon for $20 off, so they ended up only being $30. Lastly, my sunglasses are $15 from Francesca's, but they often have 2 for $20 promos so I only paid $10.

Total outfit price: $67 // Price Per Item: $11

It drives me crazy when I find a cute swimsuit, but it's $100 for the top and $100 for the bottoms. There is no way I'm paying that for a SWIMSUIT! I've done a couple blog posts on cheap swimsuits, but this one is by far my favorite. It's from Target, and $15 each for the top and bottoms. However, if you wait a while they will have some sort of sale where it's 20% off all swimwear (that's when I got this) or buy one get one 50% off, making it even cheaper. I'm wearing the same sunglasses that I got for $10.

Total Outfit Price: $34 // Price Per Item: $11

Okay obviously nobody is wearing sweaters right now, but this outfit was such a good deal so I couldn't not share it. I scored this sweater (similar here) at Nordstrom Rack for only $14 (it's a great place to find basics for discounted prices!) and this necklace (very similar here for $20_ was on clearance at Francesca's for $9. These jeans are $40 at Francesca's, but I got them as part of a BOGO 50% off sale so I paid $20 (they're currently available in a lighter wash that's $30). Lastly, I scored these Adidas sneakers for only $30, because they were on sale at Dick's Sporting Goods and I had a coupon for an additional 20% off.

Total Outfit Price: $73 // Price Per Item: $14

I wouldn't normally think to shop at JCPenney, but I'm really impressed with their selection. They are constantly having sales, so this top was $14 and the jeans were $25. I am wearing the same $4 choker from Forever 21, and you can't see it, but I'm wearing my Steve Madden Brando sandals (they look just like Birkenstocks but are much cheaper!) I got them for $15 because they were on clearance at Belk.

Total Outfit Price: $58 // Price Per Item: $14

- shop at cheap sites like Shein & Forever 21
- wait until things go on sale
- always check to see if promo codes are available
- look at discount stores like Nordstrom Rack
- buy dupes of expensive things (like my knockoff Birkenstocks)
- invest in items you can wear multiple ways (the most expensive items in this post were jeans and shoes, because I will wear those with multiple things)
- shop on Poshmark (I have scored some great deals on there, and I am also selling some clothes! shop my closet HERE)

What are your best tips for finding cute clothes for less?

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