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The Best Under $50 Finds of The Nordstrom Sale

I'll be honest: I initially wasn't planning on posting about the Nordstrom sale. Everyone and their mother seems to be talking about it, and I was honestly over it before it even began. And then, I browsed through the items on sale. I found so many cute items... and they're all under $50! I asked y'all on Instagram if you wanted to see a post with my top picks, and the majority vote was yes... so here you go!

the best item in the sale: this sherpa pullover!

Also, I've been in Hawaii, so my regular posting schedule has been kind of messed up. Back to regularly scheduled programming next week :)

The items currently in my cart? The good vibes tee, the chunky striped sweater, and the striped jeans.

Are you shopping the Nordstrom sale? What did you purchase?

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