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12 Things Vol. 3

Happy Friday! Today I'm back with another 12 things post... I love sharing my random thoughts with y'all!

1. I have two days left of summer before school starts... it went by so fast and I'm so sad.

2. I have no idea what I am going to wear for the first day of school. I've been doing a ton of back to school shopping, but I've only purchased one thing... and it's a fuzzy sweater, so I can't wear that any time soon.

3. I FINALLY GOT A NEW PHONE!!! It took a lot of time on the phone with customer service, but I finally have a phone again and I am so happy.

4. My birthday is two weeks away, and as usual, I have no clue what I want. It's on a Sunday, so I want to go shopping with my mom and go out to lunch.

5. I'm turning 16 but I'm not getting my license just yet - I'm only halfway done with Driver's Ed and I still need about 30 more hours behind the wheel haha!

6. While we are on the subject of birthdays, my sister Caroline turns seven next weekend! I'm going to make this cookie cake for her (it's a little complicated, so wish me luck!)

7. I've really enjoyed doing summer vlogs and a part of me wants to keep vlogging during the school year... but I don't know how much exciting stuff I would have to vlog.

8. I'm really excited for YoungLife to start back up again! I couldn't go last semester because I had soccer team dinners at the same time, but I am looking forward to the first club of this semester.

9. I've really missed the sunshine. It rained here all last week and I was so sad because I just wanted to sit by the pool and soak up the sunshine.

10. My mom and I discovered the cutest cafe the other day (it's called Great Harvest Bread Co, for all of my DFW gals!) and now I am dying to find more coffee shops to try.

11. I am so ready for soccer season to start back up, because a) I miss playing soccer, and b) I'm a referee, which is so fun, but it's kind of stressful in the summer and winter because there are no soccer games so I'm not making any money. Like I said earlier, I just dropped a ton of money on a phone... so it's time to start making some money again.

12. I am using this backpack for the upcoming school year! I actually got it on sale for $40, and it seems like it's such good quality so I can't wait to use it.

I hope you have a great weekend, and if you are heading back to school on Monday, here's to a great first day!

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