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Behind The Gram Vol. 4

It's no secret that I go to some extreme measures for Instagram photos. In the summer, I take pictures almost daily, and more often than not, there's a story behind every picture. Today I'm back with another installment of Behind The Gram, where I share some crazy stories as to what happens behind the scenes of Instagram. Enjoy!

This frozen custard spot was our last stop in Milwaukee before heading to the airport. I was tired and being my indecisive self as usual, and I wasn't hungry, so I wanted to split something with my sister, who of course refused. I told my dad not to get me anything and just waited by the car. He was nice enough to get me some chocolate custard anyway, and then I made him take a picture of me with it while it melted in the 85 degree heat.

You would never know that five minutes before my dad took this picture, I had been yelling at my sister because she stepped on my light pink Vans and left a muddy stain. Flash forward a few minutes, and I'm surrounded by people who keep photobombing my picture. I will never know how Danielle took this picture with nobody in the background.

So the story behind this picture is actually pretty funny because my friend visited Maui the week before I did, and I stayed at the same hotel she did. When she was there, she took a picture just like this, and I thought it would be fun to recreate it. It's actually one of my favorite pictures ever... so thanks for the inspiration, Lauren!!

Fun fact: this is actually my sister's ice cream. I got cake batter in a cup, and it wasn't as cute as her strawberry in a cone. I made her take pictures of me outside in the heat while her ice cream dripped everywhere... but happy national ice cream day!

My mom and I were shopping at Francesca's and these hats were on sale for a great deal so we each bought one with our upcoming trip to Galveston in mind. We ended up not using them at all, though, because it was so windy and they kept blowing away. At least we got a cute Instagram picture out of them!

What's the craziest thing you've ever done for an Instagram photo?

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