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Currently Vol. 11

Happy Saturday! I hope you're having a great Saturday morning so far - hopefully it involves a cup of coffee or two and a big brunch. I have a bag of coconut macadamia nut pancake mix in the pantry that is calling my name! Keep on reading to see what I've been loving lately.

Reading... I read A Stranger in the House & The Couple Next Door, both by Shari Lapena. I really like her style of writing. I'm also currently reading My Life Next Door - it's a nice, easy summer read.

Wanting... a new phone. If you've watched my vlogs, you'll know all about my phone issue. Basically, the screen on my current phone doesn't function anymore and I can't use it at all. I can't get a new phone yet, though, because I'm waiting for my claim through my insurance company to be approved. It's a real struggle :)

Eating... so much ice cream. It's a serious problem and I must be stopped. But on a healthier note, one of my favorite meals lately is a veggie burger salad. I just take a veggie burger, crumble it up, put it over a bed of lettuce, then add some salsa as my dressing. Sometimes I add avocado if I'm feeling fancy :)

Watching... just a lot of YouTube! My favorite YouTubers right now are Maggie & Emma Macdonald, Jess Braun, Jaci Marie Smith, and Abby Asselin.

Buying... this bracelet and this agenda... but no clothes. I really need to start shopping for back to school, but I haven't yet!

Listening... it took me a hot minute but I finally got my dad hooked on Post Malone and I've been listening to him nonstop. I love Deja Vu and Jackie Chan right now.

Loving... driving. I'm currently doing Driver's Ed, and I've started to drive places! It's actually really fun and I can't wait to get my license. I drove on the freeway for the first time yesterday and it was kind of scary but also fun :)

Wearing... I've been wearing this denim skirt a lot (styled here)! It's such a great, versatile piece and can be dressed up or down easily. I also like this patchwork one in the same cut.

Have a great weekend!

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