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Holiday Gift Guide: Reader's Picks

I am so excited about today's gift guide because I get to feature you guys!! I asked y'all on Instagram for some input on Christmas gifts, and y'all came through. Today I'm sharing the most extensive gift guide I've ever put together, featuring a) your favorite items that y'all have either given or received, and b) items that are on your wishlist this year. Keep scrolling, because this post is going to be a long one!

I laughed out loud a little when I saw that someone said the best gift they had ever given was a pair of Crocs, because that someone was my sister and she gave those Crocs to me for my birthday. Crocs are everything (I live in mine) and you should probably get a pair for everyone on your list this year.

One of y'all said you loved a blanket scarf you'd gotten, and I couldn't agree more. I have tons of blanket scarves, and they are also so cozy and cute. My favorites this season are this one and this one; they're perfect gifts that look nice but aren't too expensive.

Someone else said they loved their laptop sleeve, which I also agree with: a cute laptop sleeve is a must-have. I have this marble one, but I also think this one is really cute.

A lot of people said they loved various bags such as yoga or duffle bags. This Lululemon one is gorgeous, and I also love this Ban.do one (it's honestly me tbh) and this Vera Bradley one (I've had it for three years and it's held up well!)

Someone else said the best gift they'd gotten was Birkenstocks, and I'm hoping I can attest to that after this Christmas! These Birkenstocks are on my wishlist, but I also think these are so cute and this pair is a great affordable option. All my friends rave about how comfy they are!

Lots of people said they always love getting and giving gift cards, because gift cards are basically an excuse to go shopping... and who doesn't love that?!

Someone said the best gift they'd ever gotten was their camera, and while that is definitely a big-ticket item, I couldn't agree more. My camera and my laptop are probably tied for the best Christmas gifts I've ever gotten.

A lot of people wanted a new pair of tennis shoes: someone wanted New Balances, someone else wanted Nike shoes, someone else wanted Adidas sneakers... tennis shoes were quite popular!

Record Players are very popular right now and I know a lot of people who are asking for one for Christmas. They come in so many different colors and you can get tons of records to go with the record player!

A couple of y'all said that you wanted Apple watches, and while I'm personally a Fitbit gal myself, a lot of my friends love their Apple watches! A smart watch is so convenient to have in your daily life. Someone else said they wanted a Garmin, so regardless of the brand, I think we can all agree that smart watches are a popular item this year.

Two people said they wanted a Barrington tote bag, and I think nice purses like that make for great gifts. I asked for a tote bag for Christmas last year, and I use it all the time - it's so spacious!

Someone said they wanted a Bluetooth vanity and I actually had to Google what that was... but it's basically a light-up mirror that can wirelessly play music while you get ready. I had no idea that was even a thing but it sounds really cool! My friend Mia got me an LED makeup mirror for my birthday and now I definitely think every girl needs a lighted mirror to do her makeup!

Skincare items like a jade roller and Clarisonic also came up often. I know nothing about skincare but I do know that my grandma has a Clarisonic and loves it, and I constantly see bloggers raving about jade rollers!

Quite a few people said they were asking for sherpa pullovers this Christmas. I rave about mine constantly - I got it for Christmas last year and I can attest to the fact that it is an amazing item.

Someone said they were asking for AirPods, and I think AirPods are such an amazing gift. I got mine for my birthday, and I have used them every. single. day. since then. I never minded my plain earbuds, but I can't imagine switching back to them now that I have wireless ones. It's so convenient to not have to deal with a tangled wire and I love being able to set my phone down and walk away!

A Yeti Cooler made both lists... some people were asking for it and others recommended it. My dad actually just bought a Yeti cooler, so I'm excited to try it (and hopefully convince him to put some of my RedBubble stickers on it??)

Boots were also a common wishlist item... I had people asking for Hunter boots, simple booties, Uggs, Tory Burch boots... all sorts of boots. My favorite boots I've ever gotten for Christmas were my pink Hunter boots; I still wear them all the time!

Some other gifts people asked for/said they loved... RedBubble stickers, clothes, gift cards, merch from YouTubers, pointe shoes, books, water bottles... the list goes on and on. I wanted to include everything y'all said but I got so many responses so I tried to pick the most popular!

I hope you found this gift guide helpful - I thought it was really cool to see what other people wanted and I found some great gift ideas that I had never even thought of!

What's on your wishlist this year? What's the best gift you've ever given?

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