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Currently Vol. 17

Happy Friday! We've made it... finals week is over and Christmas is upon us. This month has gone by so fast... I can't believe the Christmas season is almost over! I have one last festive weekend ahead of me, filled with shopping, baking, and gift wrapping!

Eating... allllll the Christmas desserts. My favorite is this eggnog cake. Please please please go make it, because it is the BEST thing EVER.

Reading... I finished Things Fall Apart, and now I am so ready to actually read a book for pleasure. Hopefully I can go to the library soon!

Watching... so much YouTube. Honestly, the biggest source of stress in my life right now is how many YouTube videos I have to watch: they just keep piling up since everyone is doing daily videos and I can't keep up!

Listening... to Christmas music!! I'm especially loving Ariana Grande's Christmas songs.

Loving... the magical feeling of Christmas that is in the air. That sounds so cheesy, but I genuinely love seeing Christmas decorations everywhere and listening to festive songs constantly.

Buying... I don't think I have purchased anything since the last time I checked in with y'all. All of my money is going towards purchasing Christmas gifts right now!

What's been going on in your life?

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