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12 Things Vol. 10

What a week. Everyone in my house has been sick with the flu all week but I've somehow managed to avoid it (thank gosh). It's been a pretty low energy past few days... the highlight of my weekend was going to Whole Foods. I'm glad that it's finally Friday and everyone is starting to feel a bit better - here's to a much needed weekend!

1. I have a precal test today and for whatever reason I've been stressing about it all week. Math is normally pretty easy for me but I've just been so nervous about this one.

2. I recently downloaded an app called Strava to help me track my runs and it is the coolest thing ever. Highly recommend it if you like to run or bike :)

3. My AP Environmental Science class took a field trip to the local landfill earlier this week and I am still slightly scarred. Let's just say I won't be an environmental scientist any time soon.

4. Earlier this week I shared some items that are in my shopping cart! I already bought three of those items... can you guess which ones?

5. Yesterday I decided that I absolutely need white Vans and I'm convinced they're the solution to all of my outfit problems. I always have the hardest time finding the right shoes to go with each outfit but I feel like these will go with everything.

6. I've been doing some research and I am on the hunt to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. Send me your favorites, please!!

7. I found this article about the "Halo Top Diet" so weirdly enthralling and I just had to share.

8. My mom and I have been watching a lot of This Is Us and we are halfway through season 2! It's such a well-produced, heartfelt show!

9. Unpopular opinion: I'm so excited for Valentine's Day. I always love a day where it's okay to eat chocolate for every single meal. I think I'm going to make these brownies!

10. Can we take a sec to talk about the new Shane Dawson series? I love his conspiracy theories and I am so here for this new series!

11. I finally got around to putting Redbubble stickers on my laptop. I'm going to post a picture soon - follow me on Instagram to see!

12. How has your week been? I would love to hear in the comments below!

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