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A Long Weekend In Durango, Colorado

Welcome to the weirdest, most spontaneous trip I've ever been on.

If you've been reading my most recent posts, you'll know that I spent the first half of spring break touring the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. We got back from that trip on Wednesday night, and I was supposed to fly out to Denver that night with my dad and sister so we could go skiing at Breckenridge. Our flight got cancelled due to snowstorms, however, so we had to resort to plan B. I don't remember what plan B was (I think it involved us driving and leaving at 4 am on Thursday) but it failed. So did plans C, D, E, F, and G.

And then came along plan H.

Three seats on a flight to Durango opened up, so we did a 180 and decided to go skiing at Purgatory Resort instead. Before then, I had no idea there was a city called Durango, let alone where it was on a map.

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We got into Durango around 4pm on Thursday and spent the first evening walking around the downtown area and enjoying the snow. Durango is such a cute little town with a homey feel! 

southwestern egg rolls
We ate dinner at Derailed Pour House. My dad and I split the chicken tenders, southwestern egg rolls, and the spinach + artichoke dip. All three were delicious (and I really loved their fries!)

We spent all of Friday skiing at Purgatory Resort. It is so beautiful: I felt like I was in a literal snowglobe! There were so many fun slopes there - I actually skied down a black diamond slope for the first time. The lines weren't long, the lodge food was good, and the snow was so fresh and powdery!

After skiing on Friday, we walked around Durango's historic downtown for a bit and ate at Steamworks Brewing Comany. I had a chicken sandwich and my dad had mac & cheese - both of which were perfect after a long day of skiing!

On Saturday, we hit the slopes for our second day of skiing. Again, beautiful weather, fun slopes, and not that crowded considering it was a weekend!

Now here's where this trip takes a weird turn. We flew out to Durango on Thursday, but planned to make the thirteen-hour drive back to Dallas on the way back instead of flying back. Originally, we were going to drive to Amarillo on Saturday night and drive back to Dallas on Sunday, but we decided to only drive to Santa Fe on Saturday so we could get a taste of New Mexican culture. After skiing, we loaded all of our luggage into the car, and hit the road!

We ate dinner on Saturday night at Tomasita's in Santa Fe, and it was sososo good. I had a Christmas burrito (combination of red and green salsa!) and wowwww. It was amazing. We also enjoyed their sopapillas for dessert... let's just say we got extras to take on the road :)

We got up early on Sunday morning and grabbed breakfast at Tia Betty Blue's in Albuquerque. I had a honey lavender latte to accompany my migas, and my dad got a Christmas burrito. Both were outstanding, and left us energized and ready for the long drive ahead of us.

We drove all day Sunday until we arrived back in Dallas at 8pm. Although I was exhausted from the past couple days, it was such a fun trip and I'm so glad we were able to make it work!

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