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12 Things Vol. 13

my mood during this looooong last week of school
Happy Friday! We are so close to summer that I can practically taste it, and let me tell you... I am more than ready. AP season flew by so quickly, and now it's smooth sailing until the last day of school!

1. I keep writing this post, forgetting to post it, rewriting it with more relevant topics, and then forgetting to post it again. I've literally written three different drafts of this post but I keep having to come up with new things to write because the previous week's items are so out of date!

2. I have a couple YouTube videos filmed and I'm going to try and edit them this weekend. I really want to be more consistent with my channel this summer.

3. I started watching Gossip Girl. For the fourth time. And it's just as good.

4. I have so many tabs open on my laptop and they're literally all just clothes that I'm hoping will go on sale soon, haha!

5. This skirt (currently 60% off and only $16) and this top are on the top of my list... and I'm hoping these cute espadrilles will come back in stock!

6. Since AP season is over, I've been doing literally nothing in my classes besides learning how to play different card games.

7. Next week is my last week of school!!! I'm exempt from all of my final exams so I only have to go for half a day Tuesday... and then we're home free :)

8. My sister Annabelle graduates from elementary school next Thursday! It's crazy to believe that she's going to be in middle school next year... feels like just yesterday that I was heading into sixth grade!

9. I scheduled my driver's test!!!! It feels like I've been doing driver's ed forever, but I finally finished and I'm taking my test on June 4th.

10. Thomas Rhett came out with a new song this morning and apparently he's releasing a new album next week?? SO. EXCITED.

11. My school soccer team had a bowling party earlier this week and I got to meet some of the freshmen that are joining the team next year. I can already tell it's going to be such a fun year!

12. On the blog this week - five summer trends I'm loving

Have a great weekend!

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