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Summer 2019 Snapshots

As I sit here and write this on the Saturday night before I start school, it's crazy to me that summer is already over. These past three months have been such a blur and I am so sad that summer is coming to an end. However, as they say... don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. Today I'm sharing some of my favorite pictures + memories from what I might consider to be the best summer yet.

started summer off with a trip to shake shack aka my fave place
celebrated the end of a great soccer season with a pool party
ate ice cream. A LOT.
celebrated father's day in fort worth
FINALLY got my license and celebrated with some andy's frozen custard
went to a sunflower field aka one of the most gorgeous sights ever
painted hydroflasks with my best friends
went to my first concert and got to hear train perform drops of jupiter, my all time favorite song
 celebrated the 4th of july with a neighborhood parade and lots of good food
spent a weekend at the lake where i discovered that jetskiing is insanely fun
dressed up as cows for cow appreciation day
 became a vsco girl for a day... even though i'm basically a vsco girl every day
painted my legs as part of being a vsco girl
spent two fun days in disney...
...followed by some much needed beach time
spent a week on galveston island soaking in the sunshine

perfected my chocolate cookie recipe
brunched. A LOT.
ate more dessert (followed by shopping)
and more ice cream (this is technically froyo but still)
went to a water park on the lake and discovered i am incredibly uncoordinated
So many good moments & it's so hard to choose a favorite... here's to summer 2019. You will be missed.

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