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Eats Lately Vol. 2

Happy Friday!! Today I'm sharing another Eats Lately post, where I share a bunch of pictures of all the amazing food I've had recently. Grab a cup of coffee and sit tight, because this post is a long one!! Between multiple birthday celebrations this month (including my own!), and several day trips into Dallas, I've had so much delicious food in the past month!

On Labor Day, we went to Fort Worth and got ice cream at the best ice cream place ever: Melt Ice Creams! They have the most amazing flavors + waffle cones (I recommend cookie crack). They also just opened a new location in Sundance Square - I need to head there ASAP!

We also went to this cute coffee shop called Dwell. They sell coffee & biscuits - my caramel latte was amazing, and I had a warm, fluffy biscuit with fresh strawberry jelly. SO good!

My friend Eleanor and I also went to brunch at Breadwinners on Labor Day weekend! I had their basic breakfast (they have really good biscuits!) and we both got a slice of cake for dessert. I had their mocha crunch cake, which is amazing!

On the weekend before my birthday, my family and I spent the day in Dallas. We went to Baldo's ice cream, per my friend Mia's recommendation, and got a flight of 6 mini ice cream cones to split 3 ways! I highly recommend their salted caramel ice cream!

My beautiful birthday cakes!! For my birthday party, I had two cakes from Whole Foods (they have the best cakes everrrr) and they were a big hit. I absolutely love the pastel sprinkle designs they did!

For my actual birthday, my mom and I made this cookie dough cheesecake from Delish. It was my first time ever making a cheesecake, and I was really nervous that something would go wrong, but it turned out amazing!

One morning, the power went out at my school and I didn't have to be there until 10. My mom and I went to Benny's Cafe for breakfast, and we both got their avocado toast! So amazing (especially with some hot sauce on it!)

My grandparents visited a couple weekends ago to celebrate my grandma's birthday! We got her this chantilly cake from Whole Foods, because that's her favorite kind. She also brought three homemade cakes with her (peanut butter, chocolate, and strawberry) and they were so good but we cut them before I could take a picture!

We also went out to dinner at Black Walnut Cafe to celebrate her birthday! My mom and I split the chicken nachos.

I went out to dinner with my dad last week for a belated birthday dinner, and we went to this new restaurant in Dallas called Jose! It's really modern (all the decor in the restaurant is absolutely gorgeous) and the food is great too - I got the chicken enchiladas, which were amazing.

Last weekend, we went to Dallas for my sister's birthday. We went to her favorite restaurant of all time, Cafe Express! My mom and I split a veggie burger and a hummus plate, and they were both so healthy + yummy!

On her actual birthday, I made these Twix blondies because Twix is her favorite candy! They were a big hit and they were fairly easy to make too!!

Have a great weekend!

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