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Currently Vol. 28

HAPPY FRIDAY! It's been so long since I've published a currently post, so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.

Wearing... this James Avery necklace! I am in love with it and I have been wearing it every day since I got it! I never take it off--it's small enough that it adds the perfect touch to any outfit, even a sweatshirt and leggings (which is the outfit I've been living in lately, haha). You can check out James Avery's new arrivals here.

10 Trends I'm Loving (ft. Uptown Cheapskate)

I am so excited for today's blog post because it's been one I've wanted to do for a long time! As you guys know, I work at Uptown Cheapskate, and I take pictures for their Instagram. Our grand opening is this Thursday at 4pm, and I am so excited!! I thought it would be fun to share my excitement by sharing some of my favorite clothing items I've encountered, and if you stop by the grand opening this week, you know what to look for :) Click here for more details about the grand opening.

Dallas girls, I better see y'all there! :) Unfortunately, because Uptown Cheapskate is a resale store, you can only find these specific items at the Colleyville Uptown Cheapskate, but if you live in a different part of the US, you should definitely check out your local Uptown Cheapskate because I bet you'll find some similar items there!

Disclaimer: this blog post isn't sponsored in any way! I just really love all the clothes at Uptown Cheapskate and I take so many pictures of them that it would be a shame to not share them!

EMBROIDERED JEANS // I think embroidered jeans are so cute and make such a statement! I love this pair from Zara; you can style it so many different ways because there's so many different colors in the jeans.

Life Lately Vol. 59

Long time no Life Lately! I haven't done one since early December, so I have so much to catch y'all up on (it's mostly Christmas-related but I still wanted to share it! I wrote this post a couple weeks ago but I never published it oops). Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

So many fun Christmas parties this month!! My friend Madelyn hosted a Christmas brunch earlier this month and I loved getting to see all of my friends + talk for hours!

2020 Goals + A 2019 Reflection

Long time no blog post!! It's been a crazy busy past two weeks and it's taken me so long to put together my list of 2020 goals, but I'm finally sharing them with y'all today! I thought it would be fun to reflect on last year's goals and share my current goals with y'all, because nothing says a new year like new resolutions!

spinning out of 2019 like

10 Things You Can Do To Start 2020 Off On The Right Foot

Happy New Year! Since today is the first day of a new year (and a new decade... woah) I thought it would be fun to kick off 2020 by sharing ten little things you can do for a fresh start this year. Most of these things are super easy and simple, but can make a big difference for your 2020.

THROW AWAY OLD MAKEUP // Most types of makeup only have a lifespan of about 6 months to 1 year, so you should go through your old makeup and throw away anything that you've had for a while. I did this recently and I was amazed at how much I ended up throwing away.

Bonus tip: clean all your makeup brushes too!

PAINT YOUR NAILS // I always feel 100x better when I have a fresh manicure. You can go all out and get your nails done at a nail salon, or you can just paint them yourself (which is what I do!). You can go buy a new bottle of nail polish and have it be your signature color for 2020!

DIGITAL DECLUTTER // It's always a smart idea to go through your email, desktop, hard drive, etc and organize it. I really need to clean up my external hard drive because it's so disorganized!

GET A NEW PHONE CASE // Just like painting your nails, a new phone case is such a small switch that makes a big difference. I recently got two new phone cases from CaseApp, and I love their phone cases because you can customize them however you want! Both of mine are completely customized, and I love how they turned out! You can use the code BLISSFULLY20 for 20% off your order.

Bonus tip: change your phone wallpaper too! I like to make a new one at the start of each year!

DEEP CLEAN YOUR ROOM // I'm in the process of redoing my room, so I've started emptying out my desk drawers and closet, and I've already filled up two entire trash bags of useless crap: old papers I don't need anymore, empty containers of pencil lead... you'd be surprised at how much random stuff you probably have! Spending even 30 minutes decluttering your room can make a huge difference.

two of my favorite thrifted outfits from my favorite thrift store, uptown cheapskate

GO THRIFT SHOPPING // This item is twofold: first of all, you can clean out your closet and get rid of old clothes you don't wear in exchange for cash! After you have an organized wardrobe and a wallet full of cash, you can revamp your style by buying inexpensive clothes at a thrift store. I've seen so many great pieces (many of which still have their original tags) at thrift stores, and thrifting is a great way to find really unique pieces that you wouldn't normally buy!

CREATE A NEW PLAYLIST // I feel like music is such a defining characteristic of periods of time. There are certain songs that take me back to a specific moment in time, no matter how long it's been. Creating a new playlist full of uplifting, empowering songs will really help set the mood for your year, and it will give you a way to look back on your year later on!

TRY A NEW WORKOUT // If you have a goal of getting in shape for the new year, I recommend trying a new workout! There are so many cool types of workouts to take advantage of--spin class, crossfit, yoga, pilates... it's all about finding what works for you. Many classes offer your first class free--I tried an OrangeTheory class last month and it was completely free, which makes it so easy to try a new workout!

CREATE A 2020 BUCKET LIST // Instead of traditional new year's resolutions, I like to pick a few items that I want to do in the new year! For example, this year I want to run a 10k and go vegan for a week. I feel like these are more achievable than resolutions because they're not things you resolve to do, they're things you want to do!

PICK A 2020 MANTRA // This item is the most important on the list! Every year, I like to pick a word or phrase that embodies the goals I want to accomplish and changes I want to make in the new year. I honestly don't have a mantra for 2020 yet, but you can see my previous mantras here and here.

What do you like to do to start off the new year?

Disclaimer: the phone case featured in this post was sent to me by CaseApp, but all opinions are my own. I don't feature products that I don't truly love! :)