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2020 Goals + A 2019 Reflection

Long time no blog post!! It's been a crazy busy past two weeks and it's taken me so long to put together my list of 2020 goals, but I'm finally sharing them with y'all today! I thought it would be fun to reflect on last year's goals and share my current goals with y'all, because nothing says a new year like new resolutions!

spinning out of 2019 like

// 2019 REFLECTION //

My goals for 2019 were:

- go vegan for a week: I never did this! I kept putting it off and waiting for the 'right' week but I never got around to it. I definitely want to do this in 2020!
- get my driver's license: it took me long enough but I finally got my license in June and I got a car in December! It was a long (and frustrating) process but it taught me patience and I am so thankful that I have a car now.
- run a 10k: I completely forgot about this goal and I didn't do this. I want to in 2020 though!
- get 5's on all 3 of my ap tests: I had three AP tests this past spring and I got a 5 on environmental science, a 4 on world history, and a 4 on art history. Not exactly what I wanted but I'm definitely happy with my results!
- read the Bible for 365 days in a row: I was successful with this and I am currently on day 518!
- get monetized on YouTube: I got monetized in April!!
- focus on Instagram growth: I grew by maybe 10 followers. I just didn't put in as much effort as I would've liked and I found myself struggling creatively.
- cut back on dessert: this has been my goal for a couple years now and I keep failing because I love food haha

2019 was a year full of so many ups and downs but overall, it was so good. I got to go on so many cool trips (Arkansas, Colorado, Disney World, Galveston, Waco) and do so many other fun things (I went to a sunflower field, went to my first concert, took a couple lake trips, survived the first semester of junior year, turned 17... I could go on and on). It was such an amazing year and I am so thankful for everything I got to do + all the memories I made!! See some of my fave pics from 2019 here :)

// 2020 GOALS //

- spend less time on my phone: my current screen time average is about 4 hours per day and I feel like that isn't that bad, but I want to bring it down to 3 per day.
- go vegan for a week
- run a 10k
- get 4's or 5's on all 7 of my ap tests in may
- reach 5k youtube subscribers
- reach 5k instagram followers
- cut back on dessert: it makes my stomach hurt so much and I just hate how dessert makes me feel, so I want to eat less even though it's so good
- get accepted into all the colleges I apply to: it's CRAZY that I'm going to be applying to colleges this fall! I really want to get accepted into all five that are on my list!
- save x amount of money: this is a big goal but if I work hard I know I can reach it!

What are your goals for 2020?

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