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Currently Vol. 28

HAPPY FRIDAY! It's been so long since I've published a currently post, so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.

Wearing... this James Avery necklace! I am in love with it and I have been wearing it every day since I got it! I never take it off--it's small enough that it adds the perfect touch to any outfit, even a sweatshirt and leggings (which is the outfit I've been living in lately, haha). You can check out James Avery's new arrivals here.
Eating... so many warm + cozy foods... hash brown soup and Joanna Gaines' chicken & dumplings are two meals that stand out!

Reading... The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell. Such a good book, especially if you're interested in business/psychology! It focuses on the factors that cause trends to grow + have staying power.

Wanting... a fake plant. I'm redoing my room and I want a fake plant for one of the corners but they're so expensive! Let me know of any good places to buy fake plants for $100 or under.

Loving... TikTok of all things. After months of telling myself I would not download the app, I finally caved and got it... and it is just as addicting as I was afraid it would be.

Buying... Uptown Cheapskate opened yesterday and I got some great deals I got a black sequined jacket that was only $10 and a pair of gold sneakers that were $15. 

Listening... I've been loving music by Lauv + Bazzi! I've also been loving the Gen Z Girl podcast by Abby Asselin.

High & Low... my low for the past couple weeks is that I sprained my ankle and I haven't been able to play soccer or work out, but hopefully I'll be cleared soon. My high for the past couple weeks is that Uptown Cheapskate finally opened!

Excited about... the fact that I'll be able to play soccer soon (hopefully in the next week).

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