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A Trip To Snowmass + Aspen // Travel Guide

I just got back from a ski trip to Snowmass, and it was so much fun! As I do with every trip, I'm going to share a blog post full of everything I did + ate, so enjoy!

We got really lucky on our trip, because the day we left, they closed all the ski slopes in Colorado (and pretty much everywhere else in the country). It's crazy how fast everything has escalated--hope y'all are safe and healthy!

We stayed at the Westin in Snowmass Village, and I loved it! It was really cool because it was a ski-in-ski-out style, meaning it's right on the slopes and you literally ski out the door of the hotel. I'm used to having to drive half an hour to get to the slopes, so this was really neat and convenient!

We flew into Aspen on Wednesday morning, and spent the afternoon walking around the village. We also went snow tubing on the mountain, which was a lot of fun!

For dinner that night, we went to il Poggio, an Italian restaurant located right by our hotel. My sister and I got a pizza, which was good, but the best thing was my dad's pasta! If you go there, I highly suggest the pasta because you can tell that it's freshly made--so good!

We spent all day Thursday on the slopes! Aspen is really cool because it has four different mountains. We spent most of our time on Snowmass Mountain, the biggest of the four. I really enjoyed it--there were so many cool slopes and there was a great range of difficulty levels.

After a long day of skiing, we popped by Slow Groovin Barbecue for some food! I don't eat a lot of meat, so my sister and I split fries, but my dad enjoyed their sliders and other things (I don't even know what he got haha).

Look... more fries! That night for dinner, we ate at Ajax Tavern. I had read that they have the best fries in Aspen, and these fries definitely didn't disappoint! They were made with truffle oil and gorgonzola, and they were nothing short of incredible. For my main meal, I got sweet potato gnocchi, which was really good and filling!

Day three! We spent all day on Snowmass Mountain again. It snowed a lot that day and was super cold, but it was still a great day.

Also... if you go to Snowmass Mountain, you must go to Up 4 Pizza at the very top of the mountain. Their pizza is so-so, but they have the best cookies! Crispy and gooey all at the same time, and they're warm--perfect for when it's freezing cold!

For dinner that night we ate at Slice of Italy in Snowmass Village. I got pesto pasta, and it was amazing!

For our final day of skiing, we went to Buttermilk Mountain so we could experience something different. The X Games are filmed at Buttermilk, and they have a lot of cool terrain parks with jumps and half pipes. By no means am I capable of doing cool tricks, but I still was able to do some of the smaller jumps.

For our last dinner, we ate at White House Tavern, which was easily my favorite meal of the trip. I got more fries (shocker) and my dad and I split a fish sandwich, which was amazing!

On Sunday, our last day, we had planned to go ice skating in the village and get crepes at The Crepe Shack, but our plans got derailed due to some craziness with our flight back. Our flight was supposed to be in the afternoon, but it got cancelled so we had to rush to get on an earlier flight and we didn't get to do either thing. I'm a little bummed about it but I'm still including it because I've heard great things about The Crepe Shack so I would definitely recommend trying it!

A couple other places that sounded good but we didn't go:

Meat & Cheese (really good charcuterie boards)

French Alpine Bistro (upscale dinner spot with crepes & fondue)
Mawa's Kitchen (owned by the same people who own The Crepe Shack)

It was such a fun trip and I highly recommend Aspen if you ever get the chance to go!

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