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10 Podcasts I Love

Every morning, the first thing I do when I wake up is grab my AirPods and put on a podcast. Even before I get my coffee, I'm listening to a podcast! Today I'm sharing 10 podcasts I listen to regularly... enjoy!

Call Me Candid // Hosted by influencer Haley Pham and business owner Lilly Ann, this podcast dives into a lot of behind-the-scenes of being an influencer and business owner. I think this topic is so interesting to learn about, and I love starting my Monday with a new Call Me Candid episode!

Gen Z Girl // In this podcast, college YouTuber Abby Asselin covers all aspects of college life: study tips, productive habits, finances, time management, social life, and much more! I love how raw and authentic she is.

Manifest with Tori DiSimone // Spin studio owner Tori DiSimone talks all about manifestation and the law of attraction. If you're not familiar with those concepts, you should definitely take a few minutes to research them (I would explain them but this blog post would be really long haha). She manages to talk about the same topic week after week, yet somehow provides new information and a different perspective each time, which is really challenging to do! She also hosts another podcast called The Stride Effect, where she interviews different employees within her spin studio and talks about all things fitness.

What We Said // I listen to What We Said every Tuesday morning and it is one of my favorite podcasts on this list! It's hosted by influencer Jaci Marie Smith and health coach Chelsey Jade Curtis. The two have been best friends since high school and they have such a great connection, which makes this podcast so great to listen to! They do a lot of episodes about productivity, health, and advice, but my favorite episodes are the ones where they take submissions from their listeners and share episodes such as Crazy Proposal Stories or Worst School Scandals.

Gals on the Go // This was one of the first podcasts I ever listened to! YouTubers Brooke Miccio and Danielle Carolan talk about all things college + post-grad life. Brooke graduated college last year and Danielle is a rising senior at UGA, and I love listening to them talk about navigating life.

Pretty Basic // YouTubers Remi and Alisha share crazy LA anecdotes, stories about their dating lives, and more. They both have followings in the millions, and I love this podcast because you don't ever think of insanely successful celebrities like that just being 'real' people, but this podcast really helps you get to know them on a personal level!

Happy Hour with Gretchen Geraghty // Gretchen is one of my favorite YouTubers so when she started a podcast last year, I knew right away it would be one of my favorites. Gretchen's solo podcast covers everything: self care, dealing with injury, how to stay positive, what losing a parent is like, luxury purchases worth buying... you name it and she's covered it. I love listening to her podcast because she isn't afraid to be completely transparent but she manages to stay incredibly positive and bubbly even when talking about depressing topics such as her torn ACL or her dad's death (I promise she covers happy topics too haha).

The Real Reel With Natalie Barbu // Each week, Natalie interviews people from different career fields and they talk about what a job in that industry is really like. She's interviewed so many really cool people, like the creator of Alabaster Bibles, the head of influencer marketing at GoDaddy, the founder of travel startup AllCall, and the editor-in-chief of Elle Arabia. She's also interviewed financial advisors, professional ballerinas, dietitians, fashion designers... people from all walks of life!

I'm Into It // This is a pretty new podcast (it was just created in February) but I'm obsessed with it! YouTuber Keaton Milburn talks about friendship, relationships, confidence... the works. She has a very straightforward, no-bs attitude towards life so her podcast is always really refreshing to listen to!

Honey Soleil // Every time I listen to this podcast, it motivates me to be productive! Siena Mirabella dives into creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle by talking about time management, productivity tips, and ways to be happier! Her attitude is very similar to Keaton's which is why I love this podcast so much!

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What are your favorite podcasts? Let me know in a comment below!

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