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Depop Vs. Poshmark: Which Clothing Resale Platform Is Better?

During the past few months of quarantine, I've been taking advantage of all this free time and working hard to sell my clothes. I've made quite a good bit of cash from selling my old clothes, and I think all my hard work has paid off! I've had Poshmark for a couple years, but I just downloaded Depop at the beginning of April, so I thought it would be interesting to compare the two clothing resale apps and share my pros and cons for each one.

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I think the biggest factor in determining which platform to join is the type of clothes you're selling. I've observed that Depop is more for trendy and vintage items (think a Princess Polly top or a unique vintage t-shirt) while Poshmark is a better place to sell preppier clothes (think Lilly Pulitzer dresses or Lauren James t-shirts). I'm selling a mix of both styles and I've definitely had more luck with the trendier things on Depop and the preppier things on Poshmark. That's not to say you can't find cute, trendy clothes on Poshmark, because let's be real--I spend wayyyy too much money on there haha.

I also feel like Poshmark has more of a reputation of being a "sell your old clothes" app, while Depop markets itself more as a platform to start a business. I feel like on Depop you have to have well-edited pictures and a cohesive theme, as well as a specific niche (such as vintage t-shirts), while Poshmark is more just about getting rid of old clothes you have. This makes selling on Poshmark easier because you don't have to create a specific brand for yourself, but sometimes if all your clothes go together well anyway you can naturally establish a brand on Depop.

POSHMARK PROS: I think the biggest reason why I prefer Poshmark is that I can view sold listings. This allows me to see the users that liked those listings and reach out to them to see if they're interested in similar listings I have (I talk more about this strategy here). I've made so many sales using this method but I can't use it on Depop because there's no way to search through sold listings so I can't really target potential customers as easily.

DEPOP PROS: I really like that Depop allows you to message people directly, because on Poshmark I simply have to leave a comment on the user's latest listing, and sometimes people find that annoying. Depop also takes less of a percentage from the sale--Poshmark's cut of 20% is a bit high. I also like how Depop allows you to choose your shipping rates based on the size of your items. Poshmark has a flat $7 shipping rate for every item, which sometimes deters buyers from purchasing really small items like a headband, because even if the cost is cheap, the shipping will be astronomical.

POSHMARK CONS: Like I mentioned earlier, I don't like how Poshmark takes such a big cut of the sales. Also, as a buyer, I hate having to pay $7 shipping on anything I order, which makes Depop's shipping nice!

DEPOP CONS: As much as I dislike Poshmark's expensive shipping, it's pretty straightforward. On Depop, you have to choose the right size of your package and if you mess up, the person who bought your item might have to pay additional shipping. This happened to me because I sold a lightweight pair of biker shorts and I used the cheapest shipping option available, but the person who ordered the shorts was unable to receive them because the post office wouldn't give them to her since there was extra shipping that had to be paid. I tried to get in touch with Depop's customer service about this issue, and although they eventually resolved it, it took weeks to hear back from them.

THE VERDICT: while it is a lot of work to keep up with both platforms, there's no downside to exposing your clothes to more people. I've had much more success with Poshmark because I can easily target potential buyers, but I've made a few sales on Depop so I can easily say I'm glad I joined that platform!

Which platform do you prefer? Have you tried any other resale sites, like Mercari or Curtsy? Let me know by leaving a comment below... and tell me your Depop/Poshmark usernames too!

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