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Pastel Picnic Outfit

I'm so excited to be back again today with another outfit post! This photoshoot is my favorite I've done in a long time. My friend Eleanor and I had a picnic photoshoot a couple weeks ago and I am obsessed with how the photos turned out! I love the cottagecore aesthetic of my outfit + the vintage film vibes of the pictures!

What It's Like To Have A Tiktok Go Viral (Over 700k Views)

A couple weekends ago, I discovered a trick to getting tops on Shein for 14 cents, so I made a Tiktok mentioning it. I figured it would do well and get a couple thousand views and have some people asking why, but it went completely viral and ended up with almost a million views. Here's a couple things I learned in the process!

People get MAD. I had so many rude comments, from people telling me to post the tutorial to people telling me I should be cancelled because I support fast fashion. (Yes, I'm aware fast fashion is bad, but I do get about 50% of my clothes secondhand + I don't have the money to shop at sustainable brands and it's hard to go thrifting right now because of Covid.) It kind of blows my mind that people would be so rude and demanding. A lot of people were mad because I didn't post the sequel right away and they started assuming I was just saying this for views, but in reality I just wanted to wait until Sunday when Shein had free shipping so I could actually show that each item was 14 cents.